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Mark up in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2016-12-05Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: work upmarkmarketmarkermark offremarkmark outmarkdownMeaning: v. increase the price of. 
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(1) I have to mark up the pages and send them back to the printer.
(2) Firms set prices as a mark up over average cost.
(3) You shouldn't mark up a book which isn't yours.
(4) To mark up the recipe name, you enclose that text in your element by placing the beginning tag before your text and the ending tag after your text.
(5) If we mark up Neil on two or three papers he will just scrape a pass.
(6) If we add these mark up, we'll get a total of 90.
(7) How do I mark up the content of each list item?
(8) To mark up the properties with microdata, set microdata to TRUE for each property( up.html), as in Listing 3.
(9) Lenard said retailers normally need to mark up the price of gasoline by about 13 or 14 cents a gallon, which covers their selling expenses and leaves them a profit of about 1.5 cents.
(10) One day George offered to take Mark up in his plane.
(11) One day George offered to take Mark up in his plane Mark thought, " I'"
(12) Why do restaurants have to mark up drinks so much?
(13) The new tax made it necessary to mark up all the goods in the shop.
(14) Luke, nicknamed Lucky after a string of mishaps, escaped with just grazes - and a tyre mark up his back.
(15) The feasible real wage will be determined by, for example, unit labour costs and the mark up over unit labour costs.
(16) On the other hand the journalist can not simply mark up the caption for printing; it will have to be retyped.
(17) Especially given how expensive lawyers are these days, why on earth would the culture of 'must mark up documents to show value' persist?
(18) Find the cost and selling price if a pen is marked up $500 with a 20% mark up rate based on selling price.
(19) Since 2006, China Yurun Foods has generated about 9% of its profit from negative goodwill, an accounting quirk that allows the company to mark up the value of the pig slaughterhouses it buys.
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