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Luminance in a sentence

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Sentence count:69Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: dominancepredominanceluminaryruminantilluminatefinanceordinanceluminousMeaning: n. the quality of being luminous; emitting or reflecting light. 
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1. The luminance profile of a typical grating pattern is shown in Figure 4.3.
2. high-definition and high - luminance LCD color display.
3. High luminance effect, long - life, better light color.
4. Sensing uniformity of luminance distribution on organic layers.
5. Visual, electromagnetic spectrum, luminous flux, luminous intensity, illuminance, luminance.
6. They were illuminant, visual field, background and luminance.
7. Error creating library luminance texture.
8. Only the luminance channel values affect the color of the shading.
9. The second luminance signal includes second weights different from the predetermined weights.
10. In particular, the method includes the luminance signal and the color difference signals being converted into color signals.
11. In additional, the luminance step is applied to detect the penumbra.
11. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
12. Good flatness, opaque surface and luminance, suitable for single - firing floor tiles.
13. Adjustable luminance systematic very heavy power bring out a problem of heat dissipation.
14. Further, the second luminance signal is added to each of the amplified difference signals to produce output color signals.
15. The empirical calculation of illumination and luminance is not sufficient for modern roadways.
16. The bat - wing light distribution offers wide luminance without glare.
17. Mullon KT . Color and luminance vision in human optic neuritis ? ? J ] . Brain 1986 ; 109∶1 - 13 .
18. Utilizing the human visual texture masking and luminance masking models, watermark is embedded into the largest coefficient of third level detail subimage.
19. Objective To study the relation between myopia and luminance with chroma in paper and ink.
20. Opal diffuser with 70 % optical efficiency provides wide luminance dust and moisture proof easy to clean.
21. Humans are more sensitive to changes in hue ( chrominance ) than changes in brightness ( luminance ).
22. With the proximity focused diode image intensifier coupled to a low luminance EL display, and a photocathode instead of a field-emitter, a new photocathode display is developed.
23. Speciaty : Sole mini housing design , full power , high luminance , smooth lighting, save over 75 %, long lifetime.
24. In specification measuring of TY transmission system, DG, DP and luminance nonlinear distortion often influence each other.
25. In these new designs, half of the total pixels are arranged in a panchromatic checkerboard and used for luminance.
26. Characteristic: the high quality tube, the tight twist filament . High Anti - shaking and luminance effect . Long life.
27. Experiment results show this real-time algorithm is very robust, and can suppress the luminance difference of stereopsis successfully.
28. The solutions of rate equations give the electron temperature, electron density from which the mercury visible spectrum line luminance is obtained.
29. Every picture element displayed on the screen of the display, control its color and luminance from 4 to 32 data, display chip and CPU should control these data.
30. Image rotated by Gaussian template will become blur seriously, which is because of weighed average of luminance in a large adjacent region.
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