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Lithology in a sentence

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Similar words: ornithologyethologyanthologymythologypathologyhistopathologyneuropathologypsychopathologyMeaning: n. the branch of geology that studies rocks: their origin and formation and mineral composition and classification. 
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1. The first is that climate swamps structure and lithology, an admission that few geologically trained or biased geomorphologists would make.
2. Generally speaking, the machine system of section-making is so gentle that only very difficult lithologies and loose sediments will need impregnation.
3. Geological maps have been digitised together with the lithology and stratigraphy derived from over 1250 boreholes and geophysical logs from over 70 boreholes.
4. What lithology is this interval?
5. The sediment thickness and lithology are variable.
6. Lithology of the Chang-8 oil reservoirs is mainly fine-medium lithic feldspathic sandstone and feldspathic detritus sandstone.
7. The metallocene is summarized as strata, lithology, structure, and especially brittle - ductile shear zone.
8. Host rocks are stable and lithology is similar which is typical marine strata deposit.
9. The paper analysed the relations between various lithology and electrical property detailedly with the core analysis data and the logging data.
10. This investigation also finds that different lithology have different physical properties and the slaggy basalt, the amygdaline basalt and the volcanic breccia have the best physical properties.
11. The lithology of JZ25-1S ribbons with dominated gneiss and cataclasite and partly metamorphosed granite.
12. In lithology , the calcareous sandstone is of coarse grain and fairly well sorted.
13. The feature of topography, lithology and formation of stratum as well as intensity of earthquake for the yard of tank storage area of hazardous goods, Zhuhai Port are described in the paper.
14. The lithology of deep volcanic reservoir in Xingcheng area of Xushen gas field is complex.
15. The lithology of B petrofabric is schist interlated with marble , quartzite.
16. The lithology and structure traps habitat ed in the center of depression was the best trap.
17. A new method of lithology parameter extraction is presented in terms of elastic wave impedance.
18. The fault - block W 51 is a typical multizones hetergenous reservoir - gas distribution is controlled by structure and lithology.
19. It is obvious, that both the depth of shot hole and the lithology excited are interdependent factors, affecting recording quality.
20. According to the geological characteristics of Liuju copper deposits, the controlling ore-forming factors include stratigraphy, lithology, structure, lithofacies and paleogeography.
21. The principal controlling factors in reservoir are sedimentation, diagenesis, lithology of mother rock and structure action.
22. Synthetic sonic log section can be easy interpreted because of its good correspondency to lithology[], therefore it can be ...
23. At present, petrophysical property and FMI are two aspects which have been researched incompletely for the identification methods of vulcanite lithology.
24. Genetically, it is an eluvial deposit produced by weathering, controlled by the stratigraphy and lithology.
25. Layer bound characteristic of the mineral ore controlled by stratum and lithology being obvious.
26. These are three major parts: well - log inversion volumetric analysis , broadband - constrained inversion, and lithology - constrained inversion.
27. There are many factors that affect the low flow in a karst basin, such as climate, catchment area, lithology, soil, landform and so on, most of which are uncertain.
28. Seismic impedance inversion throve from the 70s of 20 century, and change conventional seismic data into lithology data, which provide important information for oil-gas prospecting.
29. There is a close correlation between contour lines and lithology.
30. I think it is necessary to do a thin section analysis to determine the lithology.
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