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Keep on in a sentence

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Sentence count:165+4Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: continuekeepkeep goingretainSimilar words: keep offkeep out ofkeepkeep tokeep upkeep downkeep awaykeep backMeaning: v. allow to remain in a place or position. 
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31. We will keep on trying and, if we get anything done, will notify you.
32. He used to keep on at me about the need to win.
33. Don't keep on, I'll sort it out in a minute.
34. There's no need to keep on and on about it!
35. We tried to keep on the right side of the housekeeper, so that she would let us bring beer in.
36. Children tend to get unsettled if you keep on changing their routine.
37. They keep on muddying the waters by raising other political issues.
38. If you keep on taking risks, you'll come unstuck one day.
39. Absent a solution, people like Sue Godfrey will just keep on fighting.
40. The practice is to keep on record any analysis of samples.
41. Ray will earn his keep on local farms while studying.
42. I'll do it-just don't keep on at me about it!
43. If you don't sort out the papers on your desk on a regular basis they just keep on accumulating.
44. It takes guts to keep on running even though you have blistered feet.
45. Will you keep on the course of exercises until you are thinner?
45. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
46. The ceasefire itself could prove stillborn if rebel units in the bush keep on fighting.
47. If I didn't keep on at the children, they'd never do their homework.
48. Work tends to pile up if I don't keep on top of it.
49. The treadmill is the hardest, but I keep on.
50. Others keep on staring at their pink plastic cups.
51. Yet you keep on and on.
52. We'd better keep on our guard, all of us.
53. The reporters keep on ferreting around.
54. Please don't keep on at me.
55. Keep on chucking out the chickweed Q I have what I believe is called chickweed all over my garden.
56. Considering the price fetched by presidential autographs, this gift could keep on giving.
57. On the plus side of the ledger, several economists said Texas' growing high-tech industries would keep on growing.
58. Most heads nod in assent; one or two want to keep on with their writing.
59. He saw them boys do that to me and let them keep on breathing air?
60. Schemes vary, but usually you keep on your mortgage by holding back a nominal amount,[] say £1.
More similar words: keep offkeep out ofkeepkeep tokeep upkeep downkeep awaykeep backkeep fromkeep up withkeep in mindkeep in touchkeep an eye onkeep pace withkeep company withreportdepositreport onreporterrespondcomponentopponentsponsorto the pointreportingresponsereportedlyenter uponsteepsweep
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