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High-velocity in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2024-01-17Updated:2024-01-17
Similar words: velocityhypervelocityflow velocitywave velocityvelocity loopvelocity errorgroup velocityvelocity rangeMeaning: adj. operating at high speed. 
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1. In order to simulate and study the high-velocity impact of space debris on Aluminum dual-wall structure of spacecrafts, a non-powder two-stage light gas gun was used to launch Al-sphere projectiles.
2. A Low-Stress, High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel, "There is no pressure on you to write a brilliant first draft.
3. Hydraulic decoking uses high-velocity water stream as the cutting means.
4. Jet-electrodeposition is kind of high-velocity, selective electrodeposition technique with high deposition current density and high velocity.
5. A wave entering a relatively high-velocity medium whose incident and refracted angle is the critical angle.
6. Because of the cavitation damage owing to the high-velocity flow, the energy dissipator has been faulted seriously.
7. Under the high-velocity projectile impact, the uneven plastic bending deformation can cause the arch to produce reversed flexural deformation.
8. A high-velocity rod-shaped projectile is characterized by high tip velocity, low stretching rate, and high ratio of length to diameter(L/D).
9. This is extremely useful when operating such high-velocity vehicles as the Aratech 74-Z speeder bike.
10. It is rather like warfare, the seesaw of offensive and defensive(, of tank armour and the high-velocity penetrating bullet.
11. A huge amount of atomized mixture of water and fire-extinguishing agent was spurted to the fire area in high, utilizing speed the high-velocity wake airflow generated by the aviation turbine engine.
12. Professor Lesack attributes the rise to the extra water created by Artic sea ice melting, which subsequently gets washed ashore in high-velocity storm winds.
13. TCN manages air, land, space and surface mission domains and can track both low- and high-velocity targets.
14. As the snow is deeper and lasts longer in the valleys, trees tend to attain greater heights on the ridges, even though they are more exposed to high-velocity winds and poor, thin soils there.
15. The results suggest that insufficient energy supply is an important reason for cellular metabolic disorder after high-velocity missile traum...
16. The velocities over the spillway buckets of three roughness surfaces and two radius are measured by LDV in the National Key Laboratory of the Hydraulics for the High-velocity of CUST.
17. It was proposed to re-arm the tank with a new 37-mm high-velocity gun, but the armament stayed the same.
18. The high frequency part of Dongsha high-value magnetic anomaly may be related with Cenozoic basalt and Mesozoic magmatic rocks, and the low frequency part developing high-velocity lower crust.
19. Because we were fluent in patterns, our conversation was going really fast, enabling a high-velocity design.
20. "Upon exploding on contact with an object, each sub-munition disintegrates into high-velocity fragments to attack people and releases a slug of molten metal to penetrate armored vehicles," HRW noted.
21. These solutions address the explosion of data volumes across financial markets in high-velocity trading and analytic environments.
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