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Velociraptor in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-09-18Updated:2017-09-18
Similar words: raptorvelocitycaptorlaptopphotoreceptorraptlociraptureMeaning: n. small active carnivore that probably fed on protoceratops; possibly related more closely to birds than to other dinosaurs. 
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1. Protoceratops was a plant-eater. The Velociraptor ate Protoceratops .
2. Paul:If I could be like a Velociraptor, I wouldn't have to sleep so early.
3. Small animals such as velociraptor that have generally been thought to be dinosaurs are more likely flightless birds, he said.
4. Researchers said the dinosaur resembled its cousin Velociraptor, a hunter with a fierce reputation and a killer claw similar to that of Hesperonychus.
5. In the movie, the Velociraptor had evolved to hold its third claw up off the ground so it wouldn't wear.
6. In the opening scene, when a velociraptor is let loose, an unnamed employee falls down and ends up getting eaten.
7. Superficially, the WD S25 appears similarly to the VelociRaptor, but it has much faster read and write seek times at 3.6 ms and 4.2 ms respectively.
8. Is spielberg's Jurassic Park razor - clawed Velociraptor an accurate portrayal?
9. The Primeval version of Velociraptor is shown as being covered in scales when in real life, Velociraptor, like other maniraptoran theropods , was likely covered in feathers.
10. Deinonychosaurs, such as the velociraptor, walked on two legs, ate meat and had vicious retractable claws.
11. Lastly, for all those still un-convinced that the Velociraptor has left us completely(, you'll want to head along to the American Society for Velociraptor Attack Prevention.
12. Velociraptor probably plain coordinates? by their silver how to be looted?
13. Aside from minor differences in the shape of neck vertebrae and the relative length of the arms, early birds and their Maniraptoran kin, such as Velociraptor, look very much alike.
14. The determined creature inside pecks its way out of the shell, and suddenly a velociraptor is born — more than 70 million years after its species was supposed to have become extinct.
15. The cage the anoobas are kept in was visually inspired by the velociraptor cages in Jurassic Park.
16. Modern birds have higher metabolisms than even the most agile Velociraptor ever had.
17. If you've ever watched the movie or read the novel Jurassic Park, then no doubt you've had at least one nightmare of being attacked by a Velociraptor.
18. The acklay was born out of George Lucas' request to combine the characteristics of a praying mantis and a velociraptor to form a deadly arena creature.
19. But as their populations crashed, early therapods, the group of dinosaurs that includes all meat-eating species from Velociraptor to Tyrannosaurus rex, gained ground and thrived.
20. On the other hand, we see similar modifications (even if not to the extent seen in Balaur) in relatively closely related taxa such as birds or Velociraptor.
21. They now believe super-carnivores, such as tyrannosaurus rex and velociraptor - the two stars of the Jurassic Park movies - were the exception rather than the rule.
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