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Herbivorous in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2016-11-18Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: carnivoroushumoroustimorousmalodoroussurvivorboroughthoroughthoroughlyMeaning: [hɜr'bɪvərəs /hɜː'b-]  adj. feeding only on plants. 
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1. The body shape, too, suggests that rhynchosaurs were herbivorous.
2. A great diversification of herbivorous and carnivorous forms developed from the insectivores.
3. For the most part the tangs are herbivorous and constantly graze algae.
4. Final evidence that rhynchosaurs were herbivorous is that they occurred in large numbers; in general we expect the herbivores to outnumber carnivores.
5. In co-evolution terms it means that herbivorous dinosaurs may have grown large as a means of attaining thermal stability.
6. The commonly known as rabbit, mammals LAGOMORPHA, herbivorous invertebrates.
7. Herbivorous animals have very small canine teeth, or none.
8. The camel is a herbivorous animal.
9. For herbivorous animals, feeding a variety of grasses, moss and grass surface leaves.
10. A very large herbivorous dinosaur of the genus Diplodocus that existed during the Jurassic period.
11. He appeared to be herbivorous apart from the occasional agama lizard or worm when plant life was lacking.
12. Mammoths were herbivorous mammals.
13. Carp and Pond Fish Culture:Including Chinese Herbivorous Species, Pike, Tench, Zander, Wels Catfish, and Goldfish.
14. The ruminats are a group of herbivorous mammals that includes cattle, sheep, goats, camels, and giraffes.
15. Herbivorous boys are fragile, do not have a stocky body -- skinny.
16. Cattle are herbivorous animals.
16. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
17. The herbivorous ornitho pod dinosaurs may have had a mammal like diaphragm for efficient respiration.
18. Herbivorous animals to wild boar, deer, roe, and so on for food.
19. Predaceous gastropods reduced the abundance of herbivorous molluscs and sessile invertebrates.
20. Advances on the functional response of Herbivorous mammals foraging and plant availability variables were review.
21. But cats are from the noble lineage Carnivora and, unlike some of its lesser members, such as omnivorous bears or, even more appalling, herbivorous pandas, they exclusively eat meat.
22. Any of some 40 species (family Testudinidae) of slow-moving, terrestrial, herbivorous turtles, found in the Old and New Worlds but chiefly in Africa and Madagascar.
23. Back Squating and crouching animal is a natural behavior way of herbivorous.
24. The manatee, often called the sea cow , is the only exclusively herbivorous marine mammal.
25. Veganism is still the ONLY solution to this problem, because fewer beings—sentient and insentient—would die if humans, who are physiologically herbivorous anyway, ate plants directly.
26. This bacterial decay of cellulose also occurs in the gut of most herbivorous animals.
27. Some animals, including human beings, are omnivorous and eat both meat and vegetables; others are either carnivorous or herbivorous.
28. Production of the forage grass and feed with high quality and yield is one of the key links for effective development of the herbivorous livestock in sandy lands of the north part of Henan Province.
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