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Hedonist in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-03-11Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: astonishedantagonistprotagonistrevisionistanachronisticfeed onbased onwashed outMeaning: ['hɪːdnɪst]  n. someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures. 
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1. To Lucien, he was a hedonist.
2. Almodovar is the happiest, most entertaining hedonist in the world today.
3. The hedonist has a privileged place in ethics; his is the case which stands if every other falls.
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4. Lili, the hedonist, on the other hand, was clearly familiar with some of the regions of Hell.
5. As a hedonist, I survive only for pleasure.
6. He is at once a hedonist who preaches prudence and temperance, a theist who rejects divine intervention and the survival of the soul, and an atomist who upholds both mechanism and free will.
7. And of course, the hedonist will also hasten to point out that just because we can't do this perfectly or infallibly, that doesn't mean we can't make educated guesses, right?
8. Epicurus, who was known as a hedonist, didn't argue that the pursuit of more and more pleasure was the key to happiness.
9. Eg : Stephen an unabashed hedonist, indulging his urges with lavish meals and multiple sexual partners.
10. "IF you can't say something good about someone, sit right here by me," Alice Roosevelt Longworth, a self-proclaimed "hedonist," used to say.
11. "If you can't say something good about someone, sit right here by me, " Alice Roosevelt Longworth, a self-proclaimed "hedonist, " used to say.
12. I was a spiritual hedonist, and wished tothe gratification of making this novel and piquant acquaintance.
13. All this was contrasted with the egocentric, hedonist , carefree existence of the man - about - town.
14. The Hedonist: This group lives in pursuit of physical pleasure and in avoidance of pain.
15. That's how the hedonist says we should think about it.
16. I'm actually pathetic, as I'm an unhappy hedonist because of my persevering.
17. He is a hedonist because he believe that pleasure is the most important thing in life.
18. Still, the hedonist isn't saying from a practical point of view we can necessarily do this.
19. Well, the hedonist offers us a very simple straightforward answer.
20. She was going to live every minute of the next three weeks like a hedonist.
21. I think he will turn out to be an artist who is not the happy hedonist of popular reputation.
22. And notice by the by, that when we make choices about our future, from the hedonist point of view, at least, there's no particular need to dwell a whole lot on the past, because what's done is done.
23. Now, there's different ways of working out the details of the hedonist view.
24. It's curious, also, that any felon, drug addict, or recovering hedonist can loudly proclaim a sudden embrace of Jesus and be welcomed without doubt by leaders of the religious right.
25. And good habits: The 55-year-old sticks to a diet of mostly fish and vegetables and does yoga five days a week, though the self-proclaimed hedonist admits a weakness for good wine.
26. He was more certain than ever now that Tu Hsin-to was nothing more than a frivolous young hedonist .
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