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Protagonist in a sentence

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Sentence count:70Posted:2017-03-02Updated:2017-03-02
Synonym: admireragonistboosterchampionfriendsupporterSimilar words: antagonistantagonismantagonizeagonizecrop rotationagonywagondrag onMeaning: [prəʊ'tægənɪst]  n. 1. a person who backs a politician or a team etc. 2. the principal character in a work of fiction. 
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(1) Life is like a theatre. Everyone is the protagonist of its own drama.
(2) She was herself a vehement protagonist of sexual equality.
(3) The writer characterized the protagonist in his latest novel as lazy and selfish.
(4) The gay protagonist gets shot in the end.
(5) The protagonist of Alfredo also represents virtue and vice combined in a single protagonist.
(6) Sibylle Alexander describes her experience as a protagonist in this story with grace and eloquence.
(7) Trying to checkmate a protagonist into immobility-or nonexistence-will not promote a peaceful settlement.
(8) The protagonist makes efforts to salvage his crumbling psyche by identifying with the languages of authority.
(9) Like the protagonist in Out, Larry interprets his own identity through the discourses that organize his experience.
(10) The protagonist is totally absorbed in watching the ethereal mechanism come to rest.
(11) Camus sets up a distance from his protagonist develop an existentialist understanding of reality in a concrete, particular situation.
(12) He was therefore a protagonist in both main developments within analytic philosophy in the mid-twentieth century.
(13) Durkheim is perhaps the key protagonist of this dominant theme of profound social change.
(14) a leading protagonist of the conservation movement.
(15) Thus enters the young protagonist of Robots, Rodney Copperbottom.
(16) You too can live a tokio "experience" being protagonist!
(17) The symbolical setting focusing on the protagonist Amiyou reflects the writer's thought of the real world and the ideal world, implying of the writer's longing for human tenderness.
(18) In a literary work in which the protagonist meets an unhappy or disastrous end.
(19) The protagonist Gabriel changes from his primary complacence, to the later denial, and to the final real evaluation of himself.
(20) The Protagonist Mersaul ' s larruping lifestyle embodies his thorough understanding of absurdness. This is the life philosophy of meeting everything with level - headed detachment.
(21) In fact, the protagonist of another lawsuit Keya have a similar experience.
(22) The protagonist of the novel is a typical colonist, who settles on the island and colonizes it.
(23) Law, love and trust all come under scrutiny by protagonist Frank August.
(24) In contrast it is difficult to think of a deviant female role which is not perceived as damaging to its protagonist.
(25) Sophiatown itself-erased by the brutal apparatchiks of apartheid in 1955-is as much the protagonist as the suit.
(26) But the book's principal defect remains the vacuity of its protagonist.
(27) Unlike the characters in the two previous novels, the protagonist emerges safe and sound from her semiotic entanglements.
(28) The world seems a better place when I shop says the protagonist in the movie confessions of a Shopaholic and this dialogue is an apt description of all Shopaholic.
(29) In one of the most famous scenes in literature, for instance, boredom takes time. Marcel Proust describes his protagonist, Marcel, dunking a madeleine cookie into his teacup.
(30) Designed to elicit intense excitement and nerve-racking tension, thrillers create suspense by placing the protagonist in a perilous situation from which escape seems impossible.
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