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Haughty in a sentence

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Synonym: arrogantloftyproudscornfulAntonym: gentleobedienttameSimilar words: daughterlaugh atburst out laughingdroughtought toa thoughtat the thought ofhaulMeaning: ['hɔːtɪ]  adj. having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy. 
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1. He spoke in a haughty tone.
2. She has a rather haughty manner.
3. He spoke in a haughty, supercilious voice.
4. They were displeased with her haughty airs.
5. He gave me a haughty look and walked away.
6. The nobles treated the common people with haughty contempt.
7. His haughty manner and refined speech had gone, and he spoke with the same accent as the sergeant.
8. He quickly angered countless officials, and his haughty presence sparked a long-lasting feud with Arizona Sen.
9. People thought of him as being haughty and difficult to talk to.
10. I saw a haughty little hedgehog and I was hooked.
11. He replied with haughty disdain.
12. Are frowning and haughty tyrants to be preferred to generous Lords?
13. She flicked him a haughty smile, then strode briskly on.
14. The haughty Servants meet him with a Frown.
15. Jessica turned away with a haughty look on her face.
16. Bella came out of prison as haughty as when she went in.
17. A haughty girl is always unpopular at school.
18. Pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall .
19. He had an air of haughty aloofness.
20. The haughty Ione burst into passionate tears.
21. Just, even if fall to the ground efflorescence, haughty air four king Yeses of that extremely conceited can't be her that stub to spend as well.
22. Nobody could have been more opposite to the flamboyant Sukarno, or even the haughty Jinnah or the mercurial Nehru.
23. It is a face that masks emotion rather than displays it, a composed face, insular, a little haughty.
24. If he attempts to talk to you, you will flick him a haughty glance and say nothing.
25. Under different circumstances, this would have sounded patronizing, a wilted bouquet tossed by a haughty victor.
26. Kureishi is pleased by the comparison, as he says Seth's haughty looks find favour with women.
27. I became friendly with the woman in charge, a vast and haughty person who answered to the sobriquet Duchesse.
28. Curiously, the able, the clever, and the ambitious and haughty are at the same time the most cowardly and muddleheaded, lacking in the courage and depth and subtlety of the humorists.
28. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
29. In the backside, there is a penniless heavy haversack , but your back is straight, your footstep is flimsy, your corners of the mouth smile is haughty and fortitude.
30. And when that happens, Saturn's presence can ossify into stubborn, haughty resistance.
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