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Give rise to in a sentence

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Sentence count:133Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
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1. Unhygienic conditions give rise to disease.
2. So many things concurred to give rise to the problem.
3. Low levels of choline in the body can give rise to high blood-pressure.
4. Any lack of precision in the contract could give rise to a dispute.
5. This can give rise to some difficult problems.
6. External load torques, perhaps caused by friction, give rise to a small error in position when the motor is stationary.
7. Whether they give rise to more or to less planning blight than the old development plan system is debatable.
8. This could give rise to questions such as: How can shadows be made?
9. The nature of the underground drainage can give rise to international problems when streams cross under frontiers.
10. Yet each would give rise to a different organizational structure from any we are familiar with.
11. Failure to comply with that instruction might give rise to a charge of obstructing the police in addition to that of obstructing the highway.
12. In short, for many employees constructive dismissal claims give rise to a Catch 22.
13. A failure to carry out necessary work would give rise to liability.
14. Any number of circumstances may give rise to a fluctuation in workload thus upsetting staffing predictions.
15. However, it may give rise to the necessity for a fairly sophisticated mathematical calculation if a conversion table is not published.
16. This may give rise to dispute where terms are incorporated by reference to some other document, as in the examples above.
16. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
17. Introduction Not all breaches of statutory duty will give rise to an action for damages by a person injured as a result.
18. The larva moults to give rise to the four-legged nymph, which, after five more days, becomes the adult mite.
19. To proceed without doing so would give rise to conflicts of interest which could impede the proper performance of his duties.
20. They would also give rise to a smaller Schwarzschild mass parameter, and hence greater curvature on the horizon.
21. They give rise to behavioural responses to external stimuli that are enduring and consistent within a person's psychological constitution.
22. The decrease in the number of bicycles and cars might give rise to another new set of problems.
23. The brief seizures described by During and Spencer would not, however, be expected to give rise to nerve cell death.
24. Some cells migrate beneath the future skin and will give rise to pigment cells.
25. The essential defining characteristic of this relation is its capacity to give rise to pleonasm.
26. It is also worth reiterating that traditional rape laws frequently give rise to light sentences for lesser offences.
27. If so, it is perhaps surprising that a threat of a mere breach of contract should give rise to liability.
28. The research aims to document the range of factors that give rise to arrears, as identified by the borrower.
29. If a hotel receptionist double-books a room does this give rise to criminal liability?
30. However within sample it is important to examine the implied elasticity to see whether the estimated coefficients give rise to plausible effects.
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