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Febrile in a sentence

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Synonym: feverishSimilar words: februarydebrisdebriefrilecelebrityinebriateinebriatedrope bridgeMeaning: ['febrəl /'fɪːbraɪl]  adj. of or relating to or characterized by fever. 
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1 She sang with febrile intensity.
2 The news plunged the nation into a febrile, agitated state.
3 He has a febrile imagination.
4 Bacterial meningitis must always be considered in a febrile person with severe headache.
5 Nowak's face glittered with febrile urgency.
6 The whole place exhaled the febrile bustle of the saloon on a holiday morning.
7 How easy it has been in this febrile atmosphere to point the finger at miscreant journalists.
8 He ran a febrile course with an average temperature of 39? ? C.
9 The epidemic febrile diseases with warm-heat type are often seen in clinic. They are a kind of acute exopathic febrile diseases caused by pathogenic warm without damp.
10 There's a febrile atmosphere round the world trade community.
11 Burn patients are febrile before there is sinificant bacterial colonization of born wound.
12 Relapsing fever is an acute febrile illness caused by spirochetes of the genus Borrelia.
13 Febrile seizures in patients with psoriasis, psoriasis patients pregnant abdomen, lumbosacral position,( and is not cupping.
14 Scrub typhus is an acute febrile illness. Severe complications of this disease have been very rare since the introduction of specific antibiotic therapy.
15 Rat-bite fever is an acute febrile illness caused by two different organisms, Streptobacillus moniliformis and Spirillum minus.
16 Conclusion: XNJI can effectively decrease febrile index and PGE2, cAMP in cerebrospinal fluid of rabbits with hyperpyrexia caused by RHFV.
17 Filtered blood is widely used to treat recurrent non-haemolytic febrile reactions in patients who depend on regular blood transfusions.
18 What on earth, or in the heavens, went on in that febrile mind?
19 OBJECTIVE To assess the clinical effectiveness of antibiotic combined therapy for febrile neutropenia an empirical treatment.
20 Methods: The antipyretic effect of XNJI and its influence on central febrile medium were observed in rabbit model of hyperpyrexia caused by rabbit hemorrhagic fever virus(RHFV).
21 Weber-Christian disease, which is a type of panniculitis, is a rare condition characterized by idiopathic inflammation of fatty tissue along with febrile status.
22 Objective To analyze relationship between serum albumin level and TB febrile control with anti - TB treatment.
23 In my thesis, I connect and contrast tow therapeutic methods in"Treatise on Febrile Disease", inducing diaphoresis and inducing diuresis, and then draw readers'attention to the concept of balance.
24 Some children with acute pharyngitis complain of abdominal pain and are febrile.
25 Objective:To evaluate the significance of ultrasound in diagnosis of acute febrile mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome(MCLS).
26 The Aspergillus fumigatus genome was not detected in this group of surgical febrile patients.
27 The cooperation of residents is good, house-to-house surveillance for febrile illness is continuing, and specimens have been taken from symptomatic persons and sent for testing.
28 Objective To find the relationship between mutation of GABRG 2 and generalized epilepsy with febrile seizure plus.
29 This antipyretic action is usually rapid and effective in febrile patients.
30 Objective To analyze differential diagnostic method for infectious and non - infectious febrile diseases.
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