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Factor out in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2016-12-28Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: factorfactoryfactode factoactoripso factoex post factocontractorMeaning: v. resolve into factors. 
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1, When inflation is factored out, the trade deficit fell 12.8%.
2, This would allow investors to factor out inflation before calculating how much money they made on the sale of a particular asset.
3, Factor out long expressions in the middle of statements.
4, So I can factor out all these sums into a factor of sums.
5, First, we factor out method handles as a simple and generic way of managing methods (arbitrary JVM methods) as units of behavior,[] which are (as methods should be) directly callable.
6, Furthermore, we would like to factor out those implementation details completely from the logical model and have them details "pasted in" as parameters during the code generation process.
7, When you factor out the amount of time spent thinking through complex and unfamiliar concepts—a rarity when people read for pleasure—reading is an appallingly mechanical process.
8, With abstraction you are attempting to reduce and factor out details not immediately related to the functionality that you are attempting to code.
9, To improve performance, you may wish to factor out the code for each model attribute into its own method (or a single method with a "switch").
10, If you build a third similar application, you factor out more common pieces.
11, Now factor out all of the stuff you buy to keep up with the latest things, or just to entertain yourself at the mall.
12, Because critical thinking is the key factor out the consciousness of the problem.
13, The factor out more talents is to improve the instruction quality of higher education.
14, It should be possible to factor out these common page elements into a separate master template.
15, Reviewing the prevalent theories on international trade and FDI,[ out.html] this thesis discusses the necessity and possibility of separating the technology factor out from the traditional production factors.
16, But let's suppose that I realize that I'm doing a lot of addition in my programs, and I actually want to factor out what seems to becoming a lot of copy, paste.
17, The best way to ensure portability is to use Ant variables to factor out the machine-specific information in the script.
18, The next example introduces a slight improvement over the first method, in that we factor out the common lookup code into a separate method.
19, So, in the next article in this series we'll explore Vim's simple plug-in architecture, which allows you to factor out parts of your .vimrc and isolate them in separate modules.
20, That is to say, you're asking yourself, "Well, sure. You know what? I pride myself on this: I can factor out all forms of subjectivity. I really can be objective.
21, In judging both intelligence and wisdom we have to factor out some knowledge.
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