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Disarming in a sentence

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Synonym: disarmamentSimilar words: disarmamentswarmingglobal warmingsubsistence farmingdisarrangeconformingdeterminingbrainstormingMeaning: [-mɪŋ]  n. act of reducing or depriving of arms. adj. 1. capable of allaying suspicion or hostility and inspiring confidence 2. capable of allaying hostility. 
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1. Leonard approached with a disarming smile.
2. We will agree to disarming troops and leaving their weapons at military positions.
3. They outlined their aims with disarming frankness.
4. He flashed her a disarming smile.
5. Her disarming honesty immediately created a much less hostile atmosphere in the room.
6. He displayed a disarming honesty by telling them about his father's bankruptcy.
7. Sneakers' other major plus is a disarming unpredictability.
8. It wouldn't have worked without his disarming honesty.
9. But Rank was a disarming opponent.
10. Key points of the UN plan include disarming and demobilizing the rebel troops.
11. The chink in this otherwise disarming argument is that Nature exists only to the extent that we comprehend it.
12. The business of disarming the 20,000 Renamo rebels and the 40,000 government troops has barely started.
13. It envisaged the disarming of all the Kampuchean factions and the creation of a neutral interim administration to organise free elections.
14. He inquired into his visitors'problems with disarming frankness.
15. The dictator of Iraq is not disarming.
16. My most attractive feature is my disarming smile!
17. Disarming the Kurds and the Europeans.
18. I suggest disarming and withdrawing NOW.
19. Does George Bush possess a disarming grin,[Sentence dictionary] or a facetious smirk?
20. SET TRAPS: His skill in disarming traps allows the thief to snares of his own.
21. "The hive chooses," is the disarming answer of William Morton Wheeler, a natural philosopher and entomologist of the old school, who founded the field of social insects.
22. Young's breezy, disarming style proved central in the transition from white to black Detroit.
23. It recommended merging the three, often competitive, branches of the security services, as well as disarming the gendarmerie.
24. Some are large, others little more than snapshots, hung in a disarming and deceptively casual manner.
25. He had a pretty good idea of what she must look like: wise fine eyes, a slow disarming smile.
26. Police then evacuated the basement mailroom while they set about disarming the device.
27. With the ceasefire in operation, government troops attempted to restore order in Kabul by disarming mujaheddin fighters roaming the city.
28. On the other hand, military authorities reportedly aided the police and white citizens in disarming blacks to prevent further violence.
29. However, Olmert says Lebanon will have to do its part in disarming the militant Islamic group.
30. Now as a password protection, obviously we can not unilaterally disarming .
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