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Dilate in a sentence

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Synonym: broadenenlargeexpandincreasemagnifywidenSimilar words: dilatorydilapidatedmutilateannihilateunilateralequilateralannihilationlateMeaning: [daɪ'leɪt]  v. 1. become wider 2. add details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing. 
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(1) The pupils of the eyes dilate as darkness increases.
(2) At night, the pupils dilate to allow in more light.
(3) The pupils of your eyes dilate when you enter a dark room.
(4) This drug will dilate the arteries.
(5) Pupils contract in bright light, and dilate in darkness.
(6) The balloon will dilate with air.
(7) Red wine can help to dilate blood vessels.
(8) If there were time, I could dilate upon this subject.
(9) He likes to dilate upon what he thinks is wrong with the world.
(10) The doctor put drops in my eyes to dilate my pupils.
(11) When caffeine blocks these receptors, blood vessels dilate, increasing the filtration rate and producing more urine.
(12) Yet he wonders whether the human soul can dilate to comprehend a world which lacks localities and the native affections they inspire.
(13) The blood vessels then dilate, allowing blood to flow more easily.
(14) The irises had seemed to dilate into black pools of despair.
(15) Although these strictures are more difficult to dilate than other benign strictures, in experienced hands most patients can be treated successfully.
(16) The lungs dilate when breathing.
(17) Laser treats the price of blood capillary dilate.
(18) I'll dilate on this subject next time.
(19) The explorer was glad to dilate on his experiences.
(20) Are blood capillary burst and blood capillary dilate same?
(21) Things go well, your eyes dilate(, you shake and Im high?
(22) Colonist stems from the need of its commerce dilate, announce here to be free port at the beginning, build stage by stage compare all ready haven city for infrastructure of a form a complete set.
(23) If it is hungry, the moment the food dish appears the animal's pupils will dilate.
(24) Roughly a quarter of all patients respond to conventional drugs that dilate the vessels.
(25) Malignant hypertension, a severe, rapidly progressing form, requires emergency treatment with drugs to dilate the Blood vessels.
(26) Wired network industry appears on the market in the company, suggest attention has resource of high grade client, and have the Tian Wei of opportunity of denotative type dilate inspect message.
(27) Head and neck muscles often tighten during sexual activity, and blood pressure can increase at orgasm, causing blood vessels in the brain to dilate, a condition technically named coital cephalgia.
(28) This operation has two advantages:1) Navicular fossa is repaired to dilate urethral outlet and to reduce resistance of urination.
(29) And of special attention is to spend cankerous sex colonitis to be in when baric clyster again, have the possibility that causes alvine dilate and perforation.
(30) An adrenergic drug, C9H13NO2, that is a powerful vasoconstrictor and is used to relieve nasal congestion, dilate the pupils, and maintain blood pressure during anesthesia.
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