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Designate in a sentence

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Synonym: appointindicatenamenominatepoint outshowspecifySimilar words: designateddesignationresignationdesigndesignsdesigneddesignerdesign forMeaning: ['dezɪgneɪt] v. 1. assign a name or title to 2. give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person) 3. decree or designate beforehand 4. design or destine. adj. appointed but not yet installed in office. 
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1 There are efforts under way to designate the bridge a historic landmark.
2 Will you designate the flowers you wish?
3 The directive requires member states to designate sites of special scientific interest.
4 The director is allowed to designate his / her successor.
5 Black lines designate boundaries on this map.
6 This term has subsequently been used to designate the marginal group in relation to the dominant order.
7 Designate someone as the spokesperson.
8 The alphabetical notation used to designate main classes permits many of these to be included, as shown in Figure 14.5.
9 Icons designate shortcuts, time-saving tips, useful definitions, cautions and pitfalls to be avoided.
10 Designate a driver who won't be drinking before going to a party or club.
11 Contracting States are to designate the authorities which consuls may approach.
12 Hilary Frome was, after all, head boy designate.
13 Designate a set of spatulas for dispensing tissue culture chemicals only and ensure that they are cleaned after every use.
14 Participants under time pressure had to designate as many pairs as they could as either the same or different.
15 This style I would designate as above all thorough.
16 Another solution has been to designate specific areas for jet ski use while banning them elsewhere.
17 Holystone and Desktop, for instance, designate several highly sensitive undersea operations.
18 The Prime Minister designate obviously viewed me with suspicion, as being closely associated with his predecessor.
19 Hiway will be entitled to designate one member to serve on Verio's Board of Directors.
20 These are terms used in digital electronics to designate the basic logical operations on which digital systems are founded.
21 Equally they sustain as well as designate those who discharge public functions.
22 The commission has started legal action against Britain for its failure to designate enough sites.
23 To move from one open application to another you must designate a Shortcut key combination when adding the program to the group.
24 It provides that the Council may, but only by unanimity, designate certain decisions to be taken by qualified majority voting.
25 Language is sufficiently flexible to allow the construction of an infinite variety of singular terms which do not designate any entity.
26 Conway is to be congratulated in his appointment as Rector Designate of Scotus College.
27 The bill also would restrict the authority of the Interior secretary to designate species as endangered or threatened.
28 Henry offered a generous plan that allowed each person to designate a church of his choice to share tax proceeds.
29 Environmental groups have criticized the government for failing to designate Ramsar sites quickly enough.
30 At present,( crews typically rotate between 999 and routine work making it difficult to designate crews for higher pay.
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