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Binge in a sentence

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Synonym: boutbustenglutengorgeglutgorgegormandisegormandizegourmandizeingurgitateorgyovereatovergorgeoverindulgepig outsatiatescarf outsplurgestufftearSimilar words: harbingerring fingerlingeringebbinghobbingbombingsobbingthrobbingMeaning: [bɪndʒ]  n. 1. any act of immoderate indulgence 2. an occasion for excessive eating or drinking. v. overeat or eat immodestly; make a pig of oneself. 
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1. They went on a binge last night.
2. Ken's gone on a binge with his mates.
3. He went on a five day drinking binge.
4. I had a shopping binge with my credit card.
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5. I tend to binge on chocolate when I'm watching TV.
6. He went on a drunken binge when he heard the bad news.
7. This, in turn, makes binge eating more likely.
8. The fight sent Alexander off on a drinking binge.
9. Back in Atsugi he went on a movie binge.
10. We are as a nation on a litigation binge.
11. We discover Athenian women going on a three-day binge every autumn, gleefully burying models of male genitalia.
12. He'd been on the binge of all time, wrecking cars, hitting her, almost breaking two of her fingers.
13. The decline came in part from a buying binge by customers in 1994 as they tried to beat 1995 price increases.
14. I don't need to binge any more - I can have plenty to eat at mealtimes.
15. The Yankees went on a building binge that was never completed.
16. On something of a buying binge lately and snapping up smaller cable operators, Cogeco is itself seen as a takeover target.
17. Institutions took the hint, and began their current binge of rapid expansion.
18. A crash diet will leave you hungry, you will binge and you will not get anywhere.
19. The shocking stills above are from the 1992 film and show the Ally McBeal star making herself sick after a binge.
20. When you stop a diet is it because you plan to, or do you go suddenly into a binge?
21. After a midweek game in London, the cousins went on to a two-day binge.
22. Ray Milland plays Don Birhnam, a hopeless drunk on one last binge.
23. In some ways, the history of the confluence area since white men first came is the history of a binge.
24. It underlines the commitment by consumers to pay off debts incurred during the credit binge of the late-Eighties.
25. Right from the beginning the dieter should be learning to eat according to internal hunger cues and not to binge.
26. My flatmate moved out a month ago, and in that month I've used it as an excuse to binge.
27. Sometimes I would go on the wagon for a few days then have a binge.
28. In fact, Terry McGovern had been through treatment many times as she alternated between sobriety and binge drinking.
29. But there is no easy way to undo the nuclear binge of the cold war.
30. This kind of legal legerdemain is one of the most damaging legacies of the takeover binge of the 1980s.
More similar words: harbingerring fingerlingeringebbinghobbingbombingsobbingthrobbingdisturbinghingetingefringefingercringelingersingeringestgingerwingedimpingesyringeinfringeingenuityingeniousforefingeringenuousin generalstringentcontingentmalingerer
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