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Darken in a sentence

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Antonym: brightenlightenSimilar words: marketmarkermarkedlysupermarketmarketingfree marketmarketplacedark roomMeaning: ['dɑːkən]  v. 1. become dark or darker 2. become or make darker 3. tarnish or stain 4. make dark or darker. 
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1. Though malice may darken truth, it cannot put it out. 
2. The sky began to darken as the storm approached.
3. Go ! And never darken my door again!
4. Nothing was going to darken his mood today.
5. Never darken my door again!
6. Buildings often darken as they get older.
7. Please darken the blue paint with black paint.
8. Skies darken, in lockstep with Sampras' mood.
9. A cleaning solution shouldn't darken the wood.
10. Darken the eyebrows with dark brown or black powder - pencil gives a very harsh look.
11. Applied with fine steel wool, the wax can darken faded wood and provide a resistant finish.
12. The sky was already beginning to darken as she stumbled along the path.
13. By now the sky has begun to darken overhead, and night is fast approaching.
14. Mr Mullen's face seemed to darken and swell, and Anna retreated behind Jimmy.
15. To Carrefour, her face seemed to darken, perhaps in shadow.
16. Darken the room. Shine the flashlight beam at the bowl.
17. I noticed the leather of my shoes darken as it picked up the moisture from the grass.
18. Any minute now his eyes would darken until they seemed almost black with the sheer emanation of his will.
19. The blinds were drawn to darken our downstairs room where the coffin rested on the table in front of the range.
20. The ash-fall was thick enough to darken the sky, and about half a centimetre accumulated on the ground.
21. He slips, falls back, clambers up, repents, things begin to darken again.
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22. Henry brushed and spat into the basin, noticing the blood darken the snow-white saliva.
23. High above them the constant roof of clouds would merely lighten and darken in a long solar axial period of 116.8 days.
24. Straight away a great flock of wild crows came flying towards her, enough to darken the sky.
25. As Liz sprang to her feet, the house seemed to darken about her.
26. Although the skin is dry, it has maintained a natural color, with only a slight tendency to darken.
27. The lens may go opaque from cataracts, or it may darken so that it needs more light.
28. Do not refrigerate potatoes; if stored below 40 degrees, they develop a sweet taste and tend to darken when cooked.
29. As she lingered over her coffee, the sky began to darken and heavy rain clouds swept in.
30. With the economy entering a slump, the computer industry's future could darken further.
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