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Conjoined in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-04-26Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: conjoinenjoinpurloinedconfinedcontainedbe confined tounconstrainedconstrainedlyMeaning: [kən'dʒɔɪn]  adj. consisting of two or more associated entities. 
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1. America's rise in rates was conjoined with higher rates elsewhere.
2. Where on this conjoined road of shared experiences did the Prime Minister go so badly wrong and become a Tory?
3. This was especially the case when pragmatism was conjoined to a legal positivist outlook.
4. The three are conjoined most deeply by the child first known as Little Panda, and then called Loyalty.
5. Third, his anxieties about homosexuality were conjoined with class antagonism.
6. Newman has firsthand experience surgically separating conjoined twins.
7. The interplay of these conjoined yet opposed factors.
8. They were conjoined in wedlock.
9. BEIJING – A hospital in southwestern China says conjoined twin girls with a single body and two heads have been born at its facility.
10. While roughly 60% of conjoined twins are delivered stillborn this condition has been shown not to be incompatible with relatively long lifespans.
11. Conjoined with this disbursal is the mandated change of governance to be carried out in a judicious and legal manner.
12. A team of surgeons trying to separate conjoined twin girls has reached the hardest part of the delicate procedure separating their livers.
13. Pakistan and Afghanistan are conjoined twins . Our suffering is shared.
14. India conjoined girls Wani and Vina,[ ] who head joined conjoined twin.
15. In asymmetrical conjoined twins, one is fairly well developed, but the other is severely underdeveloped and dependent on the larger twin for nutrition.
16. Most conjoined twins have a very short life - span.
17. Lexandro stared at Valence, and it was as if their minds conjoined for an instant - Valence would never abandon Lexandro.
18. Qu Jianguo , Chairman of Shanghai Jianguo Public Foundation visited Conjoined twins after the successful surgery.
19. The dual - species model is based on the Monte Carlo simulation conjoined with the embedded atom method ( EAM ) potentials.
20. Those two elements cannot become disjoined[], They must always be conjoined in the biblical writer's view.
21. This British grass snake exhibits dicephalus, a condition related to conjoined twinning.
22. Insofar as a human brain that knows about logical conjunction (Boolean AND) would similarly classify logically conjoined sentences, this TLU knows something like logical conjunction.
23. In Riyadh Saudi Arabia doctors successfully separated a pair of conjoined twins.
24. We grab phrase to about the aged the injured thethe conjoined the deformed and the dying.
25. No matter how well the date is faring (rampant hand-holding, under-the-table canoodling), projecting a conjoined future is a terrible no-no.
26. Another debatable question arises when one contemplates the whole biosphere, the conjoined life of the earth.
27. Among the civil subjects , though the number of Conjoined twins is small, they really exist.
28. Objective To of surgery by of separation of thoracopagus conjoined twins.
29. There are so many entities in this passage that seem to be mysteriously conjoined in some kind of hermaphroditic unity.
30. Results Eleven cases (11/12) of fetal cardiac malposition were detected by fetal echocardiography, including dextrocardia, sinistrocardia, extrathorax heart and common heart of conjoined twins.
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