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Clench in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: clutchgraspgripholdSimilar words: clenchedwenchbenchquenchstenchwrenchFrenchdrenchMeaning: [klentʃ]  n. 1. a small slip noose made with seizing 2. the act of grasping. v. 1. hold in a tight grasp 2. squeeze together tightly. 
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1) His hands continued to clench and unclench.
2) Patsy had to clench her jaw to suppress her anger.
3) I often clench my jaw. 9.
4) Now clench your jaw tight, then on an outward breath let it flop open.
5) Frankie felt his face redden and his hands clench themselves into fists.
6) Clench your fists and bring them up to shoulder height, knuckles upward,[] elbows at your sides.
7) Clench it into a fist, squeezing it as hard as you can for about five seconds.
8) Clench the jaws, as if chewing hard, while pushing your tongue hard against the roof of your mouth.
9) Breathe out slowly and then clench your abdomen muscles.
10) The boxer clinched his opponent; clench a steering wheel.
11) I felt my jaws clench and teeth grind together.
12) His father taught him how to tie the clench.
13) I felt the clench of his hand on my arm.
14) I'll try to do it carefully. Please clench your fist.
15) Mike clench his hand with a wrathful spark in his eyes.
16) His fists clench and unclench in leashed frustration at his impotence.
17) Some people clench or grind their teeth while they sleep, a condition called bruxism .
18) Happiness seems meteor, who can accompany to me clench it.
19) You need to gently clench thearound sides of the fastening, and then squeezethe hooks release.
20) From out the past, and make her clench her hands?
21) He had to clench his teeth to stop himself from shouting with delight.
22) These images of voluptuousness made him clench his fists, and a shiver run along his spine.
23) Please clench your fist again. You will feel a little pain.
24) She felt a clench in her stomach as she saw him.
25) Fred Ridgeway played Charlie Clench in the original production, which opened in June last year at the National Theatre, London.
26) The jaw is able to clench and chew because of the masseter muscle.
27) I want to click my heels, I want to clench my fist: Yes.
28) Then, perhaps- for there was no foreseeing how it might affect her- Pearl would frown, and clench her little fist, and harden her small features into a stern, unsympathising look of discontent.
29) The doctor told him to relax and not to clench his hands like that.
30) The person that how will create grandly and read reader clench?
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