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Civet in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2017-02-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: rivetgive thanksactive transportciviccivilvetvetocivil warMeaning: ['sɪvɪt]  n. catlike mammal typically secreting musk used in perfumes. 
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1. Some, such as the civets, are represented in other zoogeographical regions.
2. A unique breed of civet cat roams the limestone plateaus that are seamed with gorges carved by rushing streams, and spiked by finger-like granite towers rising to 1,500 metres.
3. The civet cat gives herself a name , Xiang Xuehai.
4. The virus could jump from civet cats to humans through continuous mutation.
5. Civet:any of various carnivorous catlike mammals of the family Viverridae of africa and asia, having anal scent glands that secrete a fluid with a musky odor.
6. Haoqi saves the civet cat which is pursued by the heavenly guards.
7. Eating your groatsworth of mou en civet , fleshpots of Egypt, elbowed by belching cabmen.
8. The masked civet was suspected of being the chief culprit of SARS.
9. A civet cat ( Viverra zibetha ) of India and southeast Asia.
10. The sale of civet cat is banned in Hong Kong, but people still cross into China to eat it, and other exotic animals.
11. A civet Arctictis binturong of southeast Asia with a long, prehensile tail.
12. Conclusion Civet cat sold in Dongmen market was probably one of significant carriers for SARS-Cov, and was playing an important role in SARS epidemic.
13. This civet lives in Indonesia, and eats insects, fruit, and berries—including the raw red coffee berry.
14. He tried wine importation, brick manufacture, hosiery and the making of perfume from the glands of civets.
15. As part of the campaign officials are also investigating restaurants which serve endangered or protected species such as cobras, pangolins and civets.
16. The Middle figure to keep the snow - covered landscape, the contrast - polarity are civet cats.
17. The soup is flavoured with chrysanthemum petals and includes shreds of civet cat and snake.
18. Research by specialists leads people to think the chief culprit for SARS might be masked civet.
19. Somewhat similarly, the world's most expensive coffee comes from the droppings of the civet(, a cat-like mammal.
20. The final host animals of 7 species of Paragonimus found in the whole province were 18 , with the most of civet cat family, cat family, dog family and rat family.
21. The methods, such as the hypothesis and reasoning from logic, etc. are important means in the science , and the dispute in pathogen and civet cat hypothesis are directly proven its functions.
22. A chemical substance in the digestive system of the palm civet causes some changes to the beans to give them a unique flavor.
23. The most expensive coffee in the world comes from the droppings of the Asian palm civet, a small catlike animal that loves to eat coffee cherries.
24. Objective To investigate the possible infections of SARS-CoV in civet cat bred in the suburbs of Beijing.
25. Studies conducted last year detected a SARS - like virus in some animal species ,(sentence dictionary) including masked palm civet.
26. " Then you ought to leave it alone , " countered Doctor Civet.
27. Now, researchers in Hong Kong have identified the culprit - the masked palm civet, a small cat-like mammal that is treated as a culinary delicacy in some parts of China.
28. At first scientists found the virus in the catlike palm civet of Southeast Asia.
29. The "golden droppings" of the luwak, or Asian palm civet, fetch up to $800 per kilogram (two pounds) in countries like the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.
30. Golfers share its 250 hectares with eagles, egrets, and pond herons, as well as the occasional barking deer, native boar, civet and porcupine.
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