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Chauvinistic in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-03-12Updated:2017-03-12
Similar words: anachronisticcharacteristicdevice characteristicministrysinisterministerfeministadministerMeaning: [‚ʃəʊvɪ'nɪstɪk]  adj. 1. of or relating to persons convinced of the superiority of their own gender or kind 2. fanatically patriotic. 
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1. The crowd was enthusiastically singing chauvinistic patriotic songs.
2. My ex-boyfriend Anthony was very chauvinistic.
3. Your chauvinistic behaviour has made me late.
4. The man was insufferable, an egotistical, chauvinistic monster.
5. Even knowing this, I still feel very chauvinistic about some of our native grains.
6. Nationalist Sinhalese leaders passed a number of chauvinistic laws that discriminated against Tamils in the fields of language, education and employment.
7. He doesn't even try to hide his chauvinistic attitude toward women.
8. This may have to do with our chauvinistic attachment to learning as an exclusive mark of our species.
9. Of or relating to a chauvinistic patriot .
10. The Bond films glorify the sometimes chauvinistic persona of Bond.
11. An online petition against his chauvinistic quips and saloon bar repartee has attracted the signatures of more than 100, 000 Italian women.
12. "Gender jihad is the struggle against male chauvinistic , homophobic or sexist readings of the Islamic sacred texts, " said Abdennur Prado, one of the meeting's Spanish organisers.
12. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
13. According to Kryshtanovskaya, Putinist Russian doesn't have an ideology as such - beyond what she dubs a "chauvinistic nationalism".
14. "I hope this doesn't sound chauvinistic to other countries, but our mutual success will benefit the whole world," Biden told senior officials in Beijing.
15. And seeing others'suffering when considering your chauvinistic interests of great America.
16. I think XML is already compelling developers of chauvinistic ASCII-only tools to provide better internationalization.
17. She knows of Nick's chauvinistic reputation and his star status at the agency.
18. I don’t want to sound too chauvinistic, but I’m very proud of that.
19. The tribe has been forced to modify its chauvinistic attitudes.
20. The Russians are a proud, talented, and chauvinistic people who seek(and believe they deserve)to be considered the leading country in the world hierarchy of nation-states.
21. Minh Mang died soon afterward, and his successor was even more chauvinistic than he.
22. And the more we can work together, the more our people will benefit and -- as I said before it sounds chauvinistic, but the more the world will benefit as a consequence of our cooperation.
23. Young women would often times see themselves as inferior because of the chauvinistic rhetoric that was common in society.
24. But learning is overrated as something difficult to evolve. This may have to do with our chauvinistic attachment to learning as an exclusive mark of our species.
25. Nearly 50 percent of the women polled said they are afraid of dealing with men who tend to be chauvinistic , while up to 70 percent of men said they cannot accept women who spend money frivolously.
26. While Tagore praised the industrial civilization emerging in the West, he strongly criticized the selfishness and ruthlessness of chauvinistic nationalism upheld by the West and Japan.
27. Even as China has flung open its doors to the West and modernized, a deeply conservative and chauvinistic attitude persists.
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