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Chattel in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-04-03Updated:2017-04-03
Similar words: chatteringhattershattershatteredat that timepitter-patterchatat thatMeaning: ['tʃætl]  n. personal as opposed to real property; any tangible movable property (furniture or domestic animals or a car etc). 
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1 Woman is not the passive chattel that the tussles of despots, described in the last chapter, have implied.
2 Only there's a chattel mortgage on my machine equipment.
3 Part two: Establishing and demonstration of chattel mortgage.
4 A house is not a chattel.
5 The paper analyzed the subject conditions of chattel mortgage and China current relative regulations.
6 Chattel mortgage; The Third-Party Logistics; Risk identification; Risk control; Risk evaluating; Risk matrix technique.
7 Since chattel mortgage has its inherent defect, the author of this paper suggests Chinese legislation supersede entirely chattel mortgage with the system of alienation guarantee.
8 Article 93 A realty or chattel may be commonly owned by two or more entities or individuals. Common ownership contains several co-ownership and joint ownership.
9 For financial claim guaranteed by chattel mortgage, the paper, based on essence of hypothec specific nature, points out the damages should be excluded.
10 The third part to analyze the scope of chattel mortgage effect.
11 Chattel mortgage, has its inner disadvantages in terms of the public summons.
12 Where the realty or chattel, which is obtained from the partition of a commonly owned realty or chattel by a co-owner, has any flaw, the other co-owners shall assume the losses together.
13 Since possession or delivery of chattel can't take its effect, registration has been applicable chattel mortgage.
14 The division between chattel and estate is the foremost classification of thing in civil law.
15 Mortgage of chattel is a burgeoning means of guarantee which plays a predominant role in mortgage.
16 He treated his wife as little more than a chattel.
17 In case both parties agree to let the alienator continuously possess the chattel when the real right of a chattel is alienated, the real right shall go into effect upon the effectiveness of the agreement.
18 The modern wife is considered more of an equal partner and helpmate than a chattel or a housekeeper.
19 However, the Act abolished detinue,[] which was wrongful retention of a chattel.
20 The second part is about the subject matter of Chattel Mortgage.
21 A pledge occurs where there is a transfer of the possession of a chattel ( not ownership ).
22 Section 9-Security Transaction of Uniform Commercial Code is also applied to chattel hypothecation.
23 Since the conditional sales contract is a security agreement relating to specific equipment, the conditional sales contract is now the type of collateral called chattel paper.
24 The third section analyzes the ensuring mechanism of liability of the registration system of chattel mortgage.
25 When goods are sold on a deferred-payment plan, the seller may either retain legal ownership of the goods or hold a chattel mortgage until the final payment is made.
26 "Delivery", with respect to an instrument, document of title, or chattel paper, means voluntary transfer of possession.
27 Article 239 The lienor has the right to seek preferred payments in case the right to mortgage or the right of pledge has been established on a chattel before it is taken as lien.
28 Chattel mortgage is the result of the expansion of the traditional immovables, and chattel mortgage rights should comply with the principle of going into effect after registration.
29 The basic reason is that the bill has the dual nature of chattel and document.
30 We should imitate Germany, France and Switzerland and confirm in scientific theory and the practice substitute the guarantee method for the chattel mortage.
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