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Certificate of deposit in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-03-29Updated:2017-03-29
Similar words: certificationdesertificationpontificatedepositdeposit slipdepositioncertifiednotificationMeaning: n. a debt instrument issued by a bank; usually pays interest. 
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1. A Certificate of Deposit remains one of the safest investments.
2. They also include certificates of deposit.
3. A 1,000,000 certificate of deposit was issued at par with a coupon of 10.5 percent and 91 days to maturity.
4. When college is two to three years away, put additional money into certificates of deposit or Treasury bills for safety.
5. Certificates of deposit are another means of short-term, wholesale lending and borrowing.
6. Individuals tended to invest more, with an increased demand for certificates of deposit.
7. The main areas of growth have been in inter-bank deposits, certificates of deposit and the foreign currency markets.
8. In addition savings accounts and bank certificates of deposit would no longer be automatically corrected for inflation on top of interest.
9. A 1,000,000 certificate of deposit was issued at par with a coupon of 9.5 percent and 91 days to maturity.
10. Where taxes are concerned, savings bonds are better than certificates of deposit.
11. M3 is M1 plus bank time deposits and certificates of deposit.
12. Certificates of deposit are not as liquid as money in a passbook account.
13. They issue certificates of deposits(Sentence dictionary), often based on fictitious assets such as bogus gold mines.
14. Calculate how your portfolio is divided among stocks, bonds and supersafe investments such as money-market funds and certificates of deposit.
15. Banks were able to bid aggressively for wholesale deposits and to take in funds in return for the issue of certificates of deposit.
16. That cash is typically invested in low-risk securities such as certificates of deposit, but Boston Co.
17. Excuse me , my CD ( Certificate of Deposit ) matures today. Can I renew the certificate?
18. Certificate of Deposit , Bank Slip and Bank Book or official Bank Statement.
19. Certificate of Deposit A short to medium term investment held in a bank for a specifiedtime.
20. Michael: A certificate of deposit? Oh, yeah! Then I'll make even more interest.
21. Certificate of deposit: Certificate of an interest - bearing time deposit with a bank.
22. I understand Time Certificate of Deposit pays a higher rate of interest than regular deposits do.
23. Now 128.256 certificate of deposit market price each how many money?
24. I understand time certificate of deposit pays a higher rate of interest than regular deposits do.
25. A negotiable certificate of deposit pledged with DGT as pledgee.
26. L: CD stands for Certificate of Deposit, while Eurodollar means US dollar in a European bank.
27. Don't just sock away this money under your mattress; put it in a high-interest online savings account, a certificate of deposit or a money market account.
28. payment instruments denominated in foreign currency, including bills, bank certificate of deposit and certificate of postal deposit etc.
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