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Consonant in a sentence

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Antonym: inconsonantvowelSimilar words: resonantdissonantassonanceresonancedissonanceconsoleconsortpersona non grataMeaning: ['kɑnsənənt /'kɒn-]  n. 1. a speech sound that is not a vowel 2. a letter of the alphabet standing for a spoken consonant. adj. 1. involving or characterized by harmony 2. in keeping. 
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1. The word ends in a consonant.
2. English has 24 consonant phonemes.
3. 'P' is a bilabial consonant.
4. " N " is a syllabic consonant in " button " .
5. The quality of this suit isn't quite consonant with its price.
6. This policy is scarcely consonant with the government's declared aims.
7. Background noise may entirely obliterate the consonant sounds.
8. D voiceless fricative or any voiced consonant not immediately followed by a voiceless segment.
9. It occurs after another consonant(, and the way it is produced depends to some extent on the nature of that consonant.
10. Some phonologists maintain that a syllabic consonant is really a case of a vowel and a consonant that have become combined.
11. You will remember that consonant sounds are made by creating a brief barrier to the flow of breath.
12. Even if she only knows a handful of consonant sounds, we can help her to live like an author.
13. The views of the black leadership are consonant with those of black Americans.
14. On the face of it, this approach is consonant with the requirements of the Act.
15. In some consonant clusters, sounds are apt to be elided, ie omitted, in rapid speech.
16. Certainly they were consonant with the views expressed by a great many Bostonians during the days after the State Report came out.
16. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
17. Dissonance is most powerful in a generally consonant context - hence the need to be extremely cautious in its use.
18. Do vowel and consonant sounds pattern or cluster in particular ways?
19. Evidently the attainment of an ordered world consonant with divine laws remained the ideological framework of antislavery.
20. This consonant always occurs medially.
21. A consonant can either be unvoiced or voiced.
22. Don't you hate the precious way she speaks, pronouncing each single consonant so precisely.
23. Their sensory perception as well as their motor responses - their behaviour - are thus totally consonant with their bodily form and function.
24. However, these interests can not conflict too directly, but must appear to be consonant.
25. Others, then, will have to judge whether my views expressed here are consonant with that tradition.
26. Here there is no contradiction, because the bass is consonant with all the upper notes.
27. We will now add a lower part which will turn the consonant effect into one of uniformly relaxed mild dissonance.
28. And resolution has a musical overtone that I like as well: the progression of a dissonant chord to a consonant one.
29. The way the storyteller handles Moses' power-sharing in that chapter is consonant with the rest.
30. The press campaign and the Falangist demands for retribution were perfectly consonant with Franco's own view of the 9 February events.
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