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Bottleneck in a sentence

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Sentence count:209Posted:2017-03-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: chokepointconstrictionSimilar words: bottledwine bottlethrottlegentlenesslittle by littlebottomat bottomneckMeaning: n. 1. a narrowing that reduces the flow through a channel 2. the narrow part of a bottle near the top. v. 1. slow down or impede by creating an obstruction 2. become narrow, like a bottleneck. 
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1. Traffic was bottled up in the bottleneck.
2. Understaffing has caused a real bottleneck.
3. Computer buffs call this a bottleneck.
4. There's always going to be a bottleneck because only two people review all the applications.
5. The cell was getting lighter; bottleneck flies darted around like blue-green meteors.
6. While the others played raging bottleneck guitar and favoured rough, percussive voices, Hooker was on to another tip.
7. He pointed out that the client/server bottleneck is caused by the development time.
8. To prevent a bottleneck, we begin to assemble more boxes.
9. Most notable were the razor-sharp bottleneck on Cloud Nine and the familar, sliding refrain of Something.
10. He shook his head to drive away some bottleneck flies straying from the vile puddle in front of the horse-faced young man.
11. This bottleneck has been worsened by video-intensive applications like Windows 3.1.
12. They discovered that bottleneck after bottleneck arose from extreme specialization within the department.
13. And that bottleneck will make type growth rates elusive.
14. Make anslysis. confirm bottleneck. Do investment analysis and implement.
15. Ok(, now I know what my application's bottleneck is.
16. The listener can be a bottleneck if it is single threaded, and if InterChange Server is not running on a high speed disk subsystem.
17. Bottleneck - A crack with converging sides. Good for placing tapers or other passive protection.
18. This study is not only a breakthrough the bottleneck of silica gel formation and pulp filtration, but also a good removal iron and silicon completely, and a filterable cake is obtained.
19. The magnetic disk, however, becomes performance bottleneck of the whole computer system because of the relative delay of IO devices.
20. The credit problem is the bottleneck problem of the Chinese development market economy nowadays.
21. The Bottleneck of bandwidth between CERNET and ChinaNet is greatly restricted to user of CERNET in speed.
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22. He pushed everyone full speed ahead until production hit a bottleneck.
23. Is there any way of getting round this bureaucratic bottleneck?
24. He drove around the outside of the town to avoid the bottleneck in the centre.
25. If we don't hire more people in production we're going to have a huge bottleneck in a few months.
26. The reasons for the new tunnel were that the old one was a terrible bottleneck, and that it was unsafe.
27. Time efficiency - Does the efficiency of the operations cause a bottleneck in the overall performance of the system?
28. The design of hardened high performance encryption card based on PCI local bus both resolves the speed bottleneck problem and it also can be used in other encryption processing.
29. Rocket system accuracy had always been a major weakness and technical bottleneck.
30. Turbot is one of the main aquaculture species of flatfish in China, but its stagnant market is one of the bottleneck problems in aquaculture industry.
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