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Antifreeze in a sentence

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Similar words: freezefreezerfreeze upbreezefreezingquantifyquantificationsqueezeMeaning: n. a liquid added to the water in a cooling system to lower its freezing point. 
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1. Fill the cooling system with antifreeze as a protection against frost.
2. Lack of antifreeze is a major cause of highway breakdowns.
3. Check the antifreeze to make sure there is enough in the system.
4. Having lost their antifreeze after nine days in the cozy cabin, they were no longer protected.
5. Their antifreeze was already gone, and they now had a pleasant nutty flavor that I thought I could get to like.
6. DEG is used in antifreeze and as a solvent.
7. Used in the construction and fitting-in antifreeze, concrete can harden in the negative temperature and the time to achieve sufficient strength antifreeze.
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8. The present invention discloses wild rice antifreeze gene and its coded protein and application.
9. In addition, the strength of the antifreeze solution can be tested.
10. Solvent for perfume pharmaceutical preparations coloring matter Antifreeze in automobile Starting material for various synthesis .
11. They think the genesfor antifreeze proteins jumped from one species to another.
12. Suihua Dongfeng Automobile production plants mainly in antifreeze, lubricants, car - care products based.
13. Acute renal failure can be caused by loss of blood supply, hypercalcemia, or toxins such as ethylene glycol (antifreeze) or aminoglycoside antibiotics.
14. I really need some antifreeze in me on cold days like this.
15. An antifreeze a liquid that is added to water to keep it from freezing.
16. Therefore cryoprotectants, which act as "antifreeze solution" are used to dehydrate the water and replace it with the protective solution to reduce internal ice formation.
17. So, my company will antifreeze and water-proofing agent inspection reports together, as anti-freezing use type water-proofing agent inspection report.
18. This incident, antifreeze, ammonia water and the absence of a stipulation in the contract, therefore no breach.
19. It will stay there now until next May, surviving the deep winter cold in an antifreeze solution of sweet glycerol.
20. A glycol ether of the same chemical group from which antifreeze is derived.
21. In this paper, the thermal hysteretic activities of plant antifreeze proteins and the determination of disintegrated concentration of micella was investigated by the identical titration calorimetry.
22. But some can be found at your local hardware store, though in inedible products like low tox antifreeze, silicone caulk, soap, sunscreen, and play sand.
23. The LP Bulk Oil pumps are designed specifically to transfer bulk oils, hydraulic fluid and antifreeze or antifreeze mixes.
24. Rapid test on the establishment of strong formula method to control the quality of antifreeze.
25. Ethanol has many uses as a solvent, raw material , extraction medium , antifreeze gasoline additive and substitute.
26. Applicable to a variety of light and heavy vehicles and other non-motor vehicle used on light-load engine cooling system, anti-boil in summer and winter antifreeze.
27. Objective: To obtain the procaryotic expression vector containing the antifreeze protein gene AFP.
28. DE-52 ion-exchange cellulose was used to extract and separate the antifreeze proteins from Ammopiptanthus nanus leaves.
29. Plenty of chefs don't touch food (they conceptualize: their minions mince the shallots and deglaze the saucepans), but I still have one niggling question: Who accidentally drinks antifreeze?
30. On their seventh wedding anniversary in 2005, she put the antifreeze in his red wine.
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