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Aural in a sentence

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Sentence count:50+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-30Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: oralSimilar words: aurarestaurantruralmuralneuralnaturalgutturalnaturallyMeaning: ['ɔːrəl]  adj. 1. of or pertaining to hearing or the ear 2. relating to or characterized by an aura. 
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1) The opera was an aural as well as a visual delight.
2) Maybe they genuinely like their kind of aural semolina.
3) Gallon Drunk are an aural offence.
4) The sound track gives us the aural before the visual cue; it is as if the thunder arrives before the lightning.
5) However, lower your aural sights a little and £200 - £300 will get you a perfectly adequate operator.
6) To give the learner visual, tactile and aural stimuli, which increase the learning experience.
7) It means that it has fewer aural clues from which to decipher the sense.
8) What is apparent, on the other hand,[] is that the oral/aural use of the other languages is not diminishing.
9) The two main tasks of acquiring oral/aural competence and achieving basic literacy are dealt with in the course's two parallel streams.
10) The aural assaults detracted from the pleasure of the dances, to say the least.
11) The effect is often more of a complex aural collage than a medley of covers and originals.
12) We hope the trend continues, until such aural excursions become a regular happening rather than a rare treat.
13) He used tapes as aural material to teach English.
14) Azimuth and elevation are important properties for aural presentation.
15) You can use these tapes as aural material.
16) Aural tests are objective and can be graded mechanically.
17) Aural practice is one of the important sectors in comprehensive language communication.
18) The aural aspect will move into a new realm of three dimensional sound.
19) Study of the transmission that about aural signal realized by digital signal, at embedded system based on the TCP/IP protocol.
20) Aural thermometers an infrared sensor to measure the temperature of energy radiating from your eardrum.
21) He became famous as an inventor of astonishing visual and aural effects.
22) Knowing the subject talked about knowing the context using language sense, anticipation and aural memory are strong foundations for speechreading skills.
23) As commonly occurs with solo harpsichord and guitar recordings, a reduced volume setting is needed to give the correct aural loudness.
24) Even the tracks that wash over you the first time around act as aural traps on second and third listens.
25) The Channel separation degree is an important index of the FM stereophonic broadcasting system, and itis also a decisive factor of aural quality in the whole system.
26) Fred touched his helmet to bulkhead, and listened, boosting his aural sensors. Nothing.
27) She had something wrong with her ear and her aural surgeon gave her some aureomycin.
28) Demonstrated an understanding of their partner's speech output . Did not need pauses to process aural input.
29) This paper introduces composition and realizing technology of satellite TV aural sub - carrier data transmission system.
30) Ed and I wandered into a cinema to see what was advertised in a leaflet as "a film about the transhumance" but it turned out to be an aural "film".
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