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Anaerobic in a sentence

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Sentence count:221Posted:2017-03-23Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: aerosolaerospaceaeroplanexenophobicprobityclaustrophobicmacrobioticneurobiologyMeaning: adj. 1. living or active in the absence of free oxygen 2. not aerobic. 
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1. Some bacteria can only live in anaerobic conditions.
2. Unlike the aerobic reaction that produces farmyard manure, anaerobic fermentation gives off little heat, so disease organisms thrive.
3. Slurry stored for any length of time undergoes anaerobic fermentation - and becomes very unpleasant when disturbed.
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4. Beneficial anaerobic filter bacteria require oxygen to oxidise nitrites to safer nitrates.
5. A farmyard midden may become waterlogged, its decomposition anaerobic, and substances may be leached out by rain.
6. Like anaerobic digestion, the aerobic processing of waste material produces methane which can be used as a biogas fuel.
7. These findings suggest that anaerobic bacterial activity has a protective effect on the ileal mucosa.
8. In certain cases, anaerobic conditions may be used to achieve specific clean-up goals, such as removing chlorinated compounds.
9. This anaerobic system is much less efficient than the primary, oxygen-using system.
10. By then the influence of anaerobic decomposition and poisonous gases will have become obvious.
11. Anaerobic training Work on anaerobic endurance at the same time that you are raising your aerobic platform.
12. Such anaerobic respiration is much quicker than aerobic respiration, but also much less efficient in terms of energy produced per unit of fuel.
13. A degree of anaerobic filtration should take place in this media.
14. Anaerobic digesters work on a similar principle and are used for creating gas from sewage and other wastes.
15. Indeed, some animal tissues still practise anaerobic respiration - including muscle fibres, for short periods.
16. Anaerobic activity does not require an oxygen supply to the muscles for a sudden, short burst of activity.
17. However, many modern organisms respire without the aid of oxygen; that is, are anaerobic.
18. The accumulation of lactate in the blood results from any mechanism that produces oxygen deprivation of tissues and thereby anaerobic metabolism.
19. But I am pretty sure that too many of us are puffing up the anaerobic learning curve just for the exercise.
20. Most importantly, farmers are unlikely to go to the expense of installing anaerobic fermenters unless the gas saves them money.
21. Aside from buffering your water, it offers good external and internal surfaces for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
22. A specimen of the fluid was used for bacteriological studies including microscopy and culture on plates for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
23. On the farm, slurry from solid and urine residues is digested by anaerobic bacteria in closed chambers.
24. Ciprofloxacin's spectrum of activity encompasses both Gram-negative and Gram-positive pathogens, although anaerobic organisms are generally less susceptible.
25. Previous research concentrated on the removal of nitrate that was observed when groundwater conditions change from aerobic to anaerobic.
26. The makers Schott claim that this porous glass material has exactly the right combination of aerobic and anaerobic opportunities for bacterial growth.
27. Running is obviously an aerobic activity while weightlifting is anaerobic.
28. This leads to dead spots, a breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria.
29. In deeper channels, black and highly carbonaceous muds eventually form to create anaerobic conditions.
30. Metronidazole is a narrow spectrum antibiotic with activity against primarily anaerobic organisms, particularly bacteria and protozoa.
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