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Wobble in a sentence

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Sentence count:60Posted:2017-02-16Updated:2017-02-16
Synonym: careencoggleshiftshimmytiltSimilar words: hobblecobbledgobble upnibblebubblequibbledribblescrabbleMeaning: ['wɒbl]  n. an unsteady rocking motion. v. 1. move unsteadily 2. move sideways or in an unsteady way 3. tremble or shake. 
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1. The government can't afford to wobble on this issue.
2. Don't wobble the table, please, Dan.
3. Don't wobble the table-I'm trying to write.
4. Don't wobble the desk when I'm writing.
5. The handlebars developed a wobble.
6. The President appeared to wobble over sending the troops in.sentencedict .com
7. We might look for a tiny wobble in the position of a star.
8. Please don't wobble the desk when I'm trying to write.
9. I gave the poles a slight wobble and whole tent collapsed.
10. The whole washing machine began to wobble.
11. The Hammers defence started to wobble and the Manor began to bubble with excitement.
12. Occasionally, the figure subjects wobble on the edge of sentimentality.
13. Once the colossus begins to wobble, the henchmen start to look for their own way out.
14. They either wobble around on their bikes or screech to a sudden halt.
15. She turns and begins to wobble back up the aisle.
16. This flutter is different from a wobble in that the movement of the ball is quicker and more erratic.
17. Per the Zetas, wobble is to blame, no question.
18. The first wobble for Mr Zapatero comes with the autumn budget debate.
19. A Minneapolis astronomy teacher says the earth's wobble means the signs of the Zodiac have changed over time.
20. The coach began to wobble when some of his team selections provoked much baffled comment.
21. It'spun flawlessly for a while, to wobble slightly, then a hard wobble then fall.
22. I have a good pair of skates, but no matter how tightly I lace them, my ankles wobble.
23. Having negotiated the traffic bridge, she turned left again on the other side of the river to wobble along the tow-path.
24. I'd stopped opening statements ages before because they made my hand shake and my tummy wobble.
25. We leapt from rock to rock, trying to synchronise the landing wobble into a launch aid.
26. This, when every sneeze sends your boat into a furious wobble, is difficult.
27. They were held in place only by their buoyancy. could wobble and rattle them with ease.
28. It jolts your carefully prepared and placed microphone out of position and may wobble the lectern as well.
29. Sun was way too far North at sunset today. This wobble is getting worse.
30. " Is that stile a rock. You couldn't make it wobble if you tried. "
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