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Topologically in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2021-03-27Updated:2021-03-27
Similar words: topologicaltopological spaceanthropologicaltypologicalbiologicallyecologicallytheologicallygeologicallyMeaning: adv. from the point of view of topology. 
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1. Large-scale maps can be topologically very detailed and have complex legends while smaller-scale maps are more generalized.
2. A more general topologically finite intersection property is obtained.
3. MGE contains tools for building and maintaining topologically clean data without the processing and storage overhead of building and maintaining topology.
4. In principle,( there are two topologically disconnected outer gaps in the magnetosphere of a pulsar. Both incoming and outgoing particle flows are allowed.
5. We propose topologically adaptable GVF model as a solution to many of limitations of original models. Experimentations have proved the feasibility.
6. That result means that topologically, the manifold in question is a 3 - sphere .
7. Topologically, then, a sphere and a torus are distinct entities.
8. So topologically adaptable GVF model can be used to extract, reconstruct and analyze even the most complex biological structures from medical images.
9. Making objects that are topologically complex, such as cubes, has required many synthetic steps and has given only a low yield.
10. They were topologically designed with optimization criteria(OC)method, sequence linear programming(SLP)and the method of moving asymptotes(MMA)respectively.
11. A necessary and sufficient condition is given for topologically mixed finite subshifts that are described by directed graphs.
12. Relations among the average - shadowing property, totally transitive, topologically weakly mixing and chaos were discussed.
13. The periodicity in the distribution of quasar redshifts is interpreted assuming that the cosmological space is a topologically compactified manifold like three dimensional torus.
14. Finally, it is proved that the category of locally connected L-pretopological spaces and continuous mappings are weak topologically.
15. It is here that the signal takes on its value, the signal that, if it is produced in a place that one can call the ego topologically, clearly concerns someone else.
16. Early topologists set out to discover how many other topologically distinct entities exist and how they could be characterized.
17. Besides, A serious weakness with NURBS models is that NURBS control points must lie topologically in a rectangular grid.
18. Using it the scale of electrical networks which can be topologically analysed by a computer will be increased, and the result expressions are terse.
19. In this paper, we study the sensitivity and the topological property of periodic points for topologically transitive semi-flows on a metric space.
20. Using nonlinear chaotic synchronization theory, the generalized chaotic synchronization between a class of topologically inequivalent chaotic systems is studied.
21. Indicates whether this geometry is known (or assumed) to be topologically correct, after explicitly determining this if the geometry is not already known (or assumed) to be simple.
22. The paper presents a necessary and sufficient condition for topological dynamical system to be topologically conjugate with a generalized symbolic dynamical system.
23. Adding a suitable scalar controller to a class of topologically in equivalent chaotic systems, the chaotic synchronization between those topologically inequivalent chaotic systems can be realized.
24. Indicates whether this geometry is known ( or assumed ) to be topologically correct.
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