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Throw up in a sentence

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Synonym: barfbe sickcastcatchuckdisgorgehonkpukepurgeregorgeregurgitateretchsickspewspueupchuckvomitvomit upSimilar words: grow upthrow offthrow awayshow upblow upfollow upthroatthroughMeaning: v. eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth. 
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1. You shouldn't throw up a chance like that!
2. The arrangement may throw up problems in other areas.
3. The smell made me want to throw up.
4. Don't throw up your education by leaving now.
5. Why did you throw up such a good job?
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6. They used old lumber to throw up a hut.
7. Red and yellow help to throw up the other colours in the design.
8. When I get seasick , I throw up my food.
9. It made me want to throw up.
10. This would throw up a host of attendant problems.
11. I normally throw up at the mere mention of footy management, but Soccer Rivals is darn good.
12. Rob managed to throw up twice and I felt decidedly off.
13. I wanted to throw up, pass out, scream and cry at the same time.
14. The smell is so terrible you want to throw up.
15. If you want to throw up, feel free to now, if that would make you feel any better.
16. Laura, you let me throw up all over the alley[], all over Bill's cab.
17. Then they throw up their hands, wondering why the benefits they have been pursuing never seem to accrue.
18. Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up.
19. I got nauseous and throw up.
20. The strong smell made me throw up.
21. Just the thought of eating snakes makes me want to throw up.
22. I felt some nausea and retched several times. But I didn't throw up anything.
23. The smell was so bad it almost made me throw up.
24. North of Grand Forks-East Grand Forks, farmers vainly attempted to throw up earthen dikes to keep ripening crops safe.
25. Even thinking about their blotched yellow and black skins and their squidgy, floury middles made him want to throw up.
26. I excuse myself to go to the toilet and throw up.
27. When that final whistle went I just wanted to throw up in the sponge bag.
28. But even more is needed to comply with Taylor and some creative and entrepreneurial business measures needed to throw up the cash.
29. That is why some people adore eating spiders and grubs, whilst others would throw up if fed a pork chop.
30. Even football fans may be driven to boycott the products, turn off the television set at game time or throw up.
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