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Spirited in a sentence

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Sentence count:116+4Posted:2017-02-04Updated:2017-02-04
Similar words: write downaspirespiralperspireinspireinspiredconspiracyaspirationMeaning: ['spɪrɪtɪd] adj. 1. displaying animation, vigor, or liveliness 2. marked by lively action 3. willing to face danger 4. made lively or spirited. 
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31, With those five words, Lili managed simultaneously to convey exhaustion, indomitable, spirited arrogance, and shocked, virginal modesty.
32, But this was a far more spirited performance than of late by Oxford.
33, Decades later, its winning vocal harmonies and spirited musical style still has a palpable impact.
34, This stark view of what really matters has touched off a spirited debate and will occupy us in Chapter 5.
35, A broken spinnaker halyard put paid to Law's spirited last-minute effort, while Peters failed to consolidate his position.
36, If ever there was a time for a spirited pep talk, this is it.
37, They just disappeared, as if they'd popped into trap doors and been spirited away.
38, She knew they were a light-saddle horse with a good disposition in spite of the spirited, fiery temperament.
39, A few fly bites cannot stop a spirited horse. Mark Twain 
40, She had been spirited away by the Poison Dwarf.
41, The spirited debate that follows is cut off by the bell for the first bus.
42, Unlike the Koran, however,( the Bible has long been fair game for spirited literary re-readings.
43, Usually the animals were spirited away some distance to prevent detection; many ended up at the Colombo slaughterhouse.
44, In the spirited contest with Barnett, few holds were barred.
45, It's depressing to see an intelligent, spirited young woman like her turning into a meek and compliant wife.
46, And then word began to spread of this dashing, spirited young Yorkshirewoman who was hunting her way home.
47, His mother spirited him away.
48, I thought you'd spirited Pete off somewhere.
49, The proposal has produced a spirited debate, with papers for and against circulating in senior common rooms.
50, Parrella held off a spirited fightback from 23-year-old McMahon to win 21-19.
51, Norbrook offers such a spirited apologia for his methodology that you will forgive him most things.
52, In conference sessions throughout the late 1980s, a civilized but spirited feud played out between these two camps.
53, Much to their credit in launching a spirited assault on the Neath lead, Bridgend did attempt to spread the ball wide.
54, She's so spunky and spirited.
55, She clung to Jacob's arm, saw him spirited away on a tide of compliments.
56, Vincent is a spirited fellow.
57, In 1911 Law was known - in so far as he was known at all in the parliamentary party - as a spirited debater.
58, Vlasov's spirited handling of his army in the Moscow counter-offensive did not go unnoticed.
59, This is a dazzlingly entertaining novel, spirited in all ways, and really, really mean.
60, She felt sometimes that he didn't know how spirited she could be, and this would certainly have shown him!
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