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Semiconducting in a sentence

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Similar words: semiconductorconductingconductiveconductionconductivityconductibilityconductconductorMeaning: adj. having characteristics of a semiconductor; that is having electrical conductivity greater than insulators but less than good conductors. 
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1. Examples of semiconducting materials include silicon, germanium, selenium and gallium arsenide.
2. A device made with semiconducting material .
3. According to defect chemistry of BaTiO3 semiconducting ceramics, the composition of the interface state was researched. Amethod of the interface state density measurement was proposed.
4. PV cells are made from semiconducting material and each module usually holds about 40 cells.
5. The nanocrystals consist of a semiconducting material called cadmium telluride, which is a very strong absorber of light.
6. Nanocrystals, also known as quantum dots, are semiconducting particles with a diameter of a few millionths of a millimetre.
7. The characteristics of the organic semiconducting materials and principle of the first electrically pumped solid state organic laser at the Bell laboratory are outlined.
8. The artificial leaf is a thin sheet of semiconducting silicon — the material most solar cells are made of — which turns the energy of sunlight into a flow of wireless electricity within the sheet.
9. And when the mixture is used for semiconducting, as in a transistor, the excess current from the conducting nanotubes will short the device.
10. On the basis of analyzing the semiconducting material removal rate of EDM and making semiconductive modification for CVD diamond thick film by boron-doping, EDM of the thick diamond film was realized.
11. A transistor needs to be completely semiconducting to hold information, Tour says.
12. This could be done by constructing the antenna around a core of semiconducting material.
13. Yet another object is to form a Schottky barrier between a semiconducting material and an active electrode.
14. The water and solution naturally create a concentration of semiconducting material in the pattern as the water evaporates.
15. Mixing the polymer with commercially available carbon nanotubes in a solvent separates semiconducting tubes from conducting tubes.
16. The base electrode (3) is a metal layer deposited on top of the semiconducting material forming the first electrode.
17. Their patented technology is based on inks containing tiny, semiconducting nanocrystals, which can be printed directly onto a variety of surfaces.
18. The polymer in Bao's process does not need to be removed. The final product is a semiconducting nanotube and polymer ink that can be used to make printable electronics.
19. Most LEDs and OLEDs are tiny wafers—"they look like a squashed pea," says Brodrick—made of semiconducting metallic compounds, usually surrounded by hard plastics.
20. Based on the research, a new way was pointed out to avoid corona,[] that a kind of semiconducting material was used to fill the gap.
21. Doped silicon and germanium are technologically the most important types of semiconducting material.
22. The tags were made possible by the creation of semiconducting ink, which contains carbon nanotubes that will hold an electrical charge.
23. A collector or emitter of electric charge or of electric - charge carriers , as in semiconducting device.
24. Bao's group is the first to combine it with semiconducting carbon nanotubes.
25. The mixture of nanotubes created in Tour's lab includes both semiconducting nanotubes and conducting nanotubes.
26. Bao's group uses a polymer that selectively sorts the mixture by wrapping around semiconducting nanotubes, and not conducting nanotubes.
27. The Bridgman method was used in the vertical growth of single crystal semiconducting materials.
28. Another object of the invention is to coat a large-area substrate with amorphous semiconducting material.
29. Most of these candidate systems, such as atoms and semiconducting quantum dots, work for quantum computing, but only at very low temperatures.
30. Melosh's group figured out that by coating a piece of semiconducting material with a thin layer of the metal cesium, it made the material able to use both light and heat to generate electricity.
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