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Conducive in a sentence

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Synonym: contributingcontributivecontributorytributarySimilar words: conduceconductcode of conductinductivefiduciaryproducinginduceinductMeaning: [-sɪv]  adj. tending to bring about; being partly responsible for. 
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1. Such a noisy environment was not conducive to a good night's sleep.
2. Daylight is highly conducive to good plant growth.
3. Chairs in rows are not as conducive to discussion as chairs arranged in a circle.
4. This is a more conducive atmosphere for studying.
5. The noise was hardly conducive to a good night's sleep.
6. These noisy conditions aren't really conducive to concentrated work.
7. The soft lights and music were conducive to a relaxed atmosphere.
8. Sometimes the home environment just isn't conducive to reading.
9. That kind of jealous behaviour isn't conducive to having a healthy, strong relationship.
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10. Such an adhoc approach is not conducive to efficient use of present resources nor is it appropriate for long-term planning.
11. Marquez concluded that the generally disturbed conditions were conducive to his plan.
12. The place itself should be conducive to study without being too comfortable.
13. The view that co-operation, not competition, is more conducive for survival is also gaining ground among biologists and ethologists.
14. This is obviously not conducive to ward learning, and valuable clinical experience is wasted.
15. Think about the antecedent events most conducive to exercise, and the rewards most likely to maintain it.
16. Such warmer, higher-pressure environments would be conducive to the introduction of hardy terrestrial life-forms.
17. The account, I consider, is not conducive to professional or racial harmony.
18. The variety of religious motivations was not always conducive to harmony among philanthropists.
19. Conditions would become more conducive to entrepreneurial initiative, capital accumulation, the division of labour, technological innovation[], and industrialization.
20. Other things being equal, visual improvements are conducive to survival and reproduction.
21. Perhaps the Giants felt his approach was not conducive to getting the most out of his staff, especially impressionable young pitchers.
22. The blazing sun and swaying boat were hardly conducive to yuletide cheer.
23. My job is to raise laughs and cancer is hardly conducive.
24. Organisation theorists suggest that the latter type of arrangement is more conducive to the emergence of original ideas. 2 Evaluation.
25. This is essential if renewable resources like forests are to be maintained in a state that is conducive to future use.
26. It will only serve to annoy the claimants' advisers and will not lead to a conducive climate for ultimate settlement.
27. The key was to act at the moment when conditions were most conducive to the course upon which de Gaulle had decided.
28. It is quite possible that that arrangement is the one that is most conducive to the public good.
29. Finally, we have seen that competition provides an environment conducive to technological advance.
30. Out of season Formentera is a haven for writers and artists; the ambience is conducive to all creative activity.
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