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Scanty in a sentence

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Synonym: inconsiderablemeagernegligiblescarceskimpyslightsmallsparseAntonym: ampleSimilar words: warrantyscantplentycountybountydaintyflintyjauntyMeaning: ['skæntɪ]  n. short underpants for women or children (usually used in the plural). adj. lacking in amplitude or quantity. 
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1. I can't get along on my scanty pay.
2. It is difficult to infer anything from such scanty evidence.
3. There is only scanty evidence of his involvement.
4. There is scanty evidence to support their accusations.
5. Details of his life are scanty.
6. So far, what scanty evidence we have points to two suspects.
7. Headaches before menses which are often scanty.
8. The recorded history of Lund is scanty.
9. Beautiful women paraded by in scanty clothing.
10. The bushes became smaller, more scanty.
11. Remains are scanty and conjecture has to take the place of evidence.
12. The Duke was offering bland reassurance about the scanty news of the day's skirmishes.
13. Their ambivalence about career choices is coupled with scanty knowledge about what such jobs actually entail or what their educational requirements are.
14. Bap measurement were extremely scanty in this report.
15. What is alkalescent scanty dish(, fruit?
16. The news today is so far scanty, but good.
17. The potato crop was rather scanty this year.
18. The ant is the most industrious animal, but it most be scanty of words.
19. All this imposes a powerful constraint on language acquisition from the allegedly scanty data available to any child.
20. He was too far away for me to copy anything from him; the light in Martha's room was scanty.
21. A great number of equestrian statues must have existed but there are scanty remains of these.sentencedict .com
22. It is well illustrated and includes problems and a glossary but has a scanty index.
23. No two patients were quite alike and objective criteria were scanty.
24. Three young women sat around the edges of the room; they looked bored and a little cold in their scanty bodices.
25. Records of clothing and the other necessities and niceties of life are scanty.
26. Similarly, despite widespread clinical use, evidence for sulphasalazine renal toxicity is scanty.
27. The problem which immediately strikes one is that much of the material is scanty, fragmented, and lacking unity.
28. Her eyes flew open as Roman kissed her again, his hands stroking the soft shoulders, revealed by her scanty nightdress.
29. Here, in modern Normandy and Brittany, Roman remains were scanty and a new Romanesque style evolved.
30. But the white-and-holy showed them off like prized exhibits, for they liked to make the most of their scanty history.
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