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Quantum physics in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2018-05-07Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: quantum jumpquantum mechanicsquantum electrodynamicsphysicsquantumgeophysicsbiophysicsmetaphysicsMeaning: n. the branch of physics based on quantum theory. 
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1 Tried to explain the real implications of quantum physics as we crossed Kensington Road.
2 This is because, in the wacky world of quantum physics, light is wavy as well as particulate.
3 Microchips aid quantum physics Technology from the semiconductor industry has allowed an experiment in fundamental physics previously possible only in theory.
4 The problem involves classical physics, as opposed to quantum physics.
5 All is energy as quantum physics revealed.
6 Julie: So do you regret studying quantum physics?
7 The details of quantum physics make my brain hurt.
8 Many real - world problems in quantum physics are too hard to solve with today's computers.
9 But according to recent developments in quantum physics,( they may still be alive and well somewhere.
10 But the basic ideas behind relativity and quantum physics are, in fact, simple comprehensible by anyone.
11 The Atlanteans had the knowledge of hyper-dimensional quantum physics and understood that counter rotating specific magnetic fields around cylindrical crystals created antigravity waves.
12 You should think of Quantum Physics II and III as a single, year - long, course.
13 Well, bye ~, and come back for quantum physics, wormhole and locks.
14 According to theories of quantum physics, the universe is pervaded with zero-point energy due to fuzziness on the quantum scale of reality.
15 But quantum physics has shattered some of our cornerstone beliefs.
16 But the basic ideas behind relativity and quantum physics are, in fact and comprehensible by anyone.
17 Is it that natural forces, universal energy, quantum physics or prayers play a role ? No !
18 The course introduces applied quantum physics and emphasizes an experimental basis for quantum mechanics.
19 Such people often see their lives more effectively framed by the reality metaphors that modern quantum physics and chaos theory provide.
20 This paper systematically formulates the theory of the five step advancement of hydrogen atomic spectrum and introduces the development of quantum physics from this perspective.
21 Might this revision navigate science finally towards a first solution to combine Heisenberg's and Planck's quantum physics with Einstein's space-time continuum?
22 By using a quantum device to control a mechanical object, researchers have linked the mind-bending laws of quantum physics to the tangible, everyday world.
23 The 2003 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three physicists who have made decisive contributions concerning two phenomena in quantum physics: superconductivity and superfluidity.
24 ZYTO develops cutting edge technology that uses principles from Information Theory and Quantum Physics.
25 So a new science is needed in the same way that we new quantum physics.
26 Bohr found that an electron has the qualities of both a particle and a wave, a concept known as wave-particle duality, which has become a cornerstone of quantum physics.
27 I think all of them have similar concept of metaphysics and philosophy with that of Heraclitus , and are consistent with the theory of Quantum physics in that everything.
28 Steinhardt's scenario makes use of string theory another attempt to reconcile General Relativity with quantum physics.
29 A new physics was needed, hence, we eventually ended up with quantum physics.
30 Einstein awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in quantum physics.
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