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Hexagon in a sentence

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Sentence count:66Posted:2017-02-13Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: hexapodexaggerateexaggeratedagonywagondrag onagonizeparagonMeaning: ['heksəgɑn /-gən]  n. a six-sided polygon. 
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1. A hexagon is a six - sided figure.
2. The church tower likes a huge hexagon.
3. The regular hexagon comprises six radial equilateral triangles.
4. A hexagon, a cube; here comes a parallelogram.
5. Consider the hexagon, the upgraded 90s version.
6. Draw a regular hexagon with 90 mm sides.
7. The regular pentagon, in association with the hexagon, has been credited with magical powers throughout recorded history.
8. If this were an old-fashioned hexagon, our sextuplet would be joyfully paired off by the time the curtain fell.
9. Any point in the hexagon enclosed by these vectors is consistent with factor price equalization.
10. Constructed in a hexagon shape, it had been built of logs, now darkened with age.
11. There were a constant number of shelves per hexagon.
12. Hexagon Chess Under non-Euclidean Space.
13. Perfect hexagon is the most compact grouping of wires.
14. Why are honeycomb cells in bee hives hexagon shaped?
15. The hexagon circumscribed the square.
16. Study this in connection with the Hexagon Chart.
17. The fountain is in the shape a hexagon.
18. Various discharge modes, such as square, hexagon, superlattice, and like-glow discharge(, have been observed in ac-driven gas discharge by using the dielectric barrier discharge device.
19. Results of destructive test on hexagon section boom show that the test resu...
20. A series of anomalistic hexagon structure of honeycomb papers was studied based on FEA. The purpose was to provide reference for selecting packaging material and evaluating packaging quality.
21. The second task was to stand on some planks of wood which had been set out in a hexagon.
21. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
22. For example, the square has four-fold symmetry, the pentagon has five-fold, the hexagon has six-fold symmetry.
23. V : Now, now. Do not disparage the noble hexagon.
24. A six - pointed star formed by extending each of the sides of regular hexagon into equilateral triangles.
25. With the helical antenna and a V-shaped plate antenna as a unit antenna and the second-order hexagon as the array, the antennas are integrated and simulated and get the low side-lobe characteristics.
26. Three different planar structural modes of 5 approximants have been put forward by using pentagon, decagon, flat hexagon and boat-shape respectively.
27. Based on the cellular automaton (CA) made up of regular hexagon cells, the nearest neighbor type and periodic boundary condition, equiaxial microstructure as parent phase was obtained.
28. This article introduced the Pieces, length pattern, packing strip theoretic length calculation and trim size of the steel pipe hexagon packing.
29. G William Skinne thought that the basis market community of the regular hexagon constituted the basic structure of rural China.
30. This paper advances a new method to machine regular hexagon workpiece by lathe.
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