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Pick out in a sentence

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Sentence count:89+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: choosediscerndistinguishmake outrecogniserecognizeselecttaketell apartSimilar words: pick offstick outpickpick uppickupknock outcheck outblack outMeaning: v. 1. pick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives 2. detect with the senses. 
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1) Bring up a raven and he'll pick out your eyes. 
2) Can you pick out the three deliberate mistakes in this paragraph?
3) Could you help me to pick out the yellow pieces?
4) Pick out a dozen oranges for me.
5) Let's pick out the bad potatoes from the basket.
6) We couldn't pick out any familiar landmarks.
7) We're going to Andreas's Boutique to pick out something original for both of us.
8) They had to stop to pick out thorns from their feet.
9) Read the play again and pick out the major themes.
10) Listen to the interview again and pick out the bits you want to use in the article.
11) She tried to pick out the tune of a song she had heard on the radio.
12) I can pick out a simple tune on the piano, but that's about it.
13) I have to pick out its meaning with the help of an English translation.
14) It was just possible to pick out the hut on the side of the mountain.
15) Can you pick out the operatic arias quoted in this orchestral passage?
16) We must pick out the enemy's weakest units for attack.
17) I could just pick out some letters carved into the stone.
18) She was able to pick out her father at the other side of the room.
19) Nevertheless,[ out.html] it is reasonable to pick out the following headings. 1.
20) So nobody's singled out - I don't pick out one team.
21) The only sure way was to pick out all the eggs by hand, every last one of them.
22) Try not to pick out every single pea from your risotto.
23) Try and pick out the aspects of your background which make you especially suitable for the job you have applied for.
24) Pick out some of the comparisons that really helped you imagine what tyrannosaurus rex was like.
25) Let me pick out three aspects that may help to guide us.
26) So many people have helped me with this book that it is hard to pick out the few for special mention.
27) Military officials may also be interested because at this resolution the craft can pick out features such as missile silos.
28) In fact, there are two aspects of the conventional approach that may make it difficult to pick out major trends.
29) I then deliberately smudge the area with my fingers and pick out the highlights with a plastic eraser.
30) Here, parents who are down on their luck can pick out toys for their children.
More similar words: pick offstick outpickpick uppickupknock outcheck outblack outkickbrickclicktrickseek outback ofback onstick tomark outwalk outwork outworkoutlook outtopicknock offbreak outthink outgo back onfor lack ofdepictfall back onpicture
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