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Neuron in a sentence

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Similar words: neuroticneurosisneurologyneurobiologyeastern europeneuralEuropeanentrepreneurMeaning: ['nʊrɑn /'njʊər-]  n. a cell that is specialized to conduct nerve impulses. 
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1. Information is transferred along each neuron by means of an electrical impulse.
2. Furthermore, the ions that enter the postsynaptic neuron through the opened pore may do more than just change the internal voltage.
3. The neuron may totally ignore regions of visual space lacking boundaries.
4. That blast of sodium ions entering the neuron is the impulse starting.
5. Here he makes such suggestions as imitating simple neuron functions by using telegraph relays or vacuum tubes.
6. The type of neuron found in the retina is shown in figure 4. 2 as an example.
7. In muscles where motor neuron contact is delayed, gluR clustering at neuromuscular contact sites is similarly delayed.
8. An average cortical neuron has an axon with perhaps 10, 000 side branches.
9. Confocal images of a CA1 pyramidal neuron in a hippocampal slice.
10. When the sensory neuron is stimulated, it fires the motor neuron, and the siphon and gills are withdrawn.
11. An action potential in the presynaptic neuron releases neurotransmitter into the cleft.
11. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
12. The neuron will be trained by adjusting only the two weights W1 and W2.
13. Removing input neuron 1 produces difficulties with remembering output pattern A but not B. Removing input neuron 2 produces the reverse effect.
14. A single neuron can communicate with as many as 50, 000 other nerve cells in this way.
15. Each neuron is a node where thousands of wires converge, where incoming mail is digested and sometimes turned into outgoing mail.
16. They increased their number of synapses per cortical neuron by 80 percent.
17. The neurotransmitter then diffuses across to the postsynaptic neuron, and starts a new action potential in it.
18. As they fire adenosine is produced and ends up floating around in the immediate vicinity of the neuron.
19. This system is, by definition, interactive since every input neuron can affect every output neuron.
20. To anticipate something to come in this inquiry, an ordinary definition of the neuron is an example.
21. The opening of these channels either directly inhibits a neuron from firing or reduces the amount of neurotransmitter released into the synapse.
22. But if the receptor lets in negative ions, the downstream neuron is made more resistant to firing.
23. In the second paper, describes the discovery of a new class of neuron in the optic lobe of the dragonfly.
24. In addition to detaching synapses, reduced connectivity also occurs by neuron death in some cortical regions.
25. Moving the light spot is capable of getting an otherwise silent neuron to perk up and take notice.
26. The nervous control of the gill withdrawal reflex is a simple unit of one sensory neuron and one motor neuron.
27. The two stimuli thus operate in different pathways within the same neuron.
28. How do they find the correct synapses out of the hundreds or thousands on each neuron?
29. If the ion channel lets positive ions into the receiving neuron, the neuron is pushed toward firing.
30. Anything that interferes with these receptors influences the messages being sent from neuron to neuron in the brain.
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