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Pseudo in a sentence

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Sentence count:154Posted:2017-03-09Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: pseudonympseudosciencefeudkudosproud ofuse upmuseumbe proud ofMeaning: ['suːdəʊ /'sju-]  n. a person who makes deceitful pretenses. adj. (often used in combination) not genuine but having the appearance of. 
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1. Her care for the poor is completely pseudo.
2. A pseudo pawn sacrifice seeking to deflect White's attention from the black king, but Kasparov is not to be deterred.
3. The Vincent Arms is an old building with pseudo black beams made from railway sleepers.
4. If n is negative the pseudo random sequence generator is set to a number based on n and n is returned.
5. Locally linear pseudo free group actions on elliptic surfaces.
6. This corresponds to the initial stage of pseudo community.
7. He rubbed his cheek with pseudo ruefulness.
8. Cindy told him with pseudo sweetness.
9. The pseudo - classical architecture follows the ancient customs and is very elegant.
10. People who do an excessive amount of near vision work may experience a false or "pseudo" myopia.
11. PJCL stands for "Pseudo Job Control Language(," which is proprietary to ClearCase z/OS Extensions.
12. Pseudo Foreign Company Act of Japan pierced into the veil of off-shore companies, regarding them as residents when levying income tax.
13. Through analyzing the pseudo inverse, daisy-chain and quadratic programming allocation methods, control allocation modules of a flight control system were designed for an aircraft.
14. The pseudo client is a dynamic library; the library name is stuffed into the environment variable LD_PRELOAD, which the dynamic linker loads before loading any other libraries.
15. Pseudo Adaptation Data (PAD) method was proposed for decreasing the degree of multicollinearity.
16. An Introduction on concrete construction method of external pseudo - cobble facing and pseudo - undressed granite facing.
17. Low-frequency pseudo Rayleigh wave (high velocity)can be used to estimate shear wave attenuation, then permeability in original state formation.
18. Using the concept of pseudo control variable, a simple state equation is constructed which describes the relative motion between an anti-ship missile and a target ship.
19. Only a pseudo - economics can seek to offer a background for rational economic planning.
20. Polls have become the quintessential pseudo - events of the preprimary campaign.
21. The pseudo inverse filter has the advantage of the inverse filter, but it can distort the result.
22. This apparent interest of his in modern music is completely pseudo.
22. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
23. Pounces that involved physical contact with the nylon model were considered pseudo matings.
24. The effects of factors on hydrated products in the preparation of pseudo - boehmite by aluminum salt precipitation was studied.
25. Objective To study the experience of the surgical treatment of pseudo theca tumor.
26. Based on the above - mentioned result a fast pseudo - inverse matrix learning algorithm is obtained for the CNN.
27. It consists of an 8-bit 6502 CPU (without support for decimal mode, also known as BCD), DMA transfer unit, pseudo audio processing unit, 1/12 clock divider, and a bit of logic for address decoding.
28. The method and the process to establish lumped kinetic model of tetralin hydrocracking have been discussed according to the mechanism of pseudo first order reaction.
29. After giving some characterizations of left C a semigroups, the concept of pseudo spined product is to be defined and the new structure of left C a semigroup is to be given.
30. Based on the minimizing vector theorem of the fuzzy inner product space, the pseudo fuzzy orthogonal vector is defined and the projected theorem of the fuzzy inner product space is testified.
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