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Weft in a sentence

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Sentence count:53Posted:2017-03-09Updated:2017-03-09
Antonym: warpSimilar words: leftdefttheftbereftdeftlybe leftleft handleft wingMeaning: [weft]  n. the yarn woven across the warp yarn in weaving. 
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1. As they use much thinner weft than warp strands, more knots are tied on the vertical than the horizontal axis.
2. The term weft is taken from weaving terminology.
3. Considerable weft knitting is done on circular machines.
4. With the decrease in weft diameter, the insertion force also decreases.
5. In 1998 - 99 weft stretch cords and flats take off.
6. The skewness or bending of Weft yarn is unavoidable in finishing process of printing and dyeing.
7. Inter woven from asbestos dust free warp and weft yarns.
8. During double weft weaving of GAMMA rapier loom, the mechanism has its speciality.
9. Used for determine the and weft count of all types of fabrics.
10. Early opening and later weft insertion were adopted in weaving, adjusting of leno selvage and waste selvage yarn can reduce weaving defects and make weaving efficiency reach above 82%.
11. Through these measures, loose selvage was resolved, weft stoppage is reduced, and loom efficiency and first grade percentage put in storage are enhanced.
12. At either side the weft threads form a finished edge, which is called the selvage edge.
13. D'ye see, little hands have to struggle to free the trapped weft before the frame drops?
14. On some fabrics it may be possible to pull a weft thread from the fabric leaving a guideline along which to cut.
15. She only knew one of these girls, who operated a weft loom she serviced.
16. Mainly made of cotton with a shiny surface on one side where the weft threads lie on the surface.
17. The warp thread is wound round the pegs and two large and two small shuttles used for weaving the weft.
18. A simple weaving shed or thread separator is used to raise and lower the warp threads through which the weft is woven.
19. His skin in this brutal morning light is textured and darkened by a weft of tiny arterial threads, some almost blue.
20. Deeply shocked and sadden to learn of you are weft sudden pass.
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21. For example, looms have electronic winding down frame that setting transformable density of weft beforehand or picking-mechanism of looms have the function of no-feeding weft.
22. The yarn color of each vertical line and horizontal line in weave diagram represented should be marked clearly. The weave diagram can be drawn according to the arrangement of colored warp and weft.
23. It is usually use crochet form for weaving selvedge on gripper-projectile looms, but it leads to weft density double and thickness increased.
24. With the Air Gripper System ( AGS ), spandex yarns in the weft also are woven faultlessly.
25. Asian Business Report . Narr. Ress Jones . Prod . John Hawke . PBS . WEFT, New York . 15 August 1990.
26. The main and tandem nozzles ensure gentle acceleration of the weft yarn with minimal air consumption.
27. It is one of the main equipment for developing weft - knitted velvet stuff.
28. To make ( cloth ) by interlacing the threads of the weft and the warp on a loom.
29. For example, looms have electronic winding down frame that setting transformable density of weft beforehand or picking-mechanism of looms have the function of no-feeding welt.
30. The utility model relates to a removing recoverer for residual glass fibre weft on a weft rod for the industry of glass fibre cloth production.
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