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Mustache in a sentence

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Sentence count:81+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-04-16Updated:2017-04-16
Synonym: moustacheSimilar words: detachedattachedmustangpistachiosemidetachedcrustaceanSherman antitrust actstomachacheMeaning: [mə'stæʃ /-stɑːʃ] n. an unshaved growth of hair on the upper lip. 
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1. His father shaved off his mustache.
2. Will came back from his trip sporting a mustache and a beard.
3. Little dots of sweat clung to his mustache, and his limbs were trembling with fever.
4. I need to trim my mustache.
5. A dandy with a thin mustache, he carried a cane and wore a hard-visored cap.
6. Eliza wet her forefinger, gently lifted the mustache, and ran the finger underneath.
7. His mustache twitched; he cleared his throat, but said nothing.
8. Her immigrant father with his thick mustache and accent and three-piece suit would only bring her more ridicule.
9. He wore a fake mustache in a ruse to conceal his identity.
10. He laughed, smoothing breadcrumbs out of his mustache and brushing them off his coat and lap.
10. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
11. He pressed a large white mustache on to his upper lip.
12. White beard, formidable mustache, and bushy white eyebrows did nothing to make him look grandfatherly.
13. He was slight, with a little mustache, and he did love to dress.
14. She put the mustache back and pressed it with her thumb.
15. He is the queer old duck with the knee - length gaiters and walrus mustache.
16. Lovett was a tall, commanding man with a waxed gray mustache.
17. His wizened face sprouted the long straggly wisps of a white mandarin mustache and beard.
18. A tall thin man in a thin overcoat, hatless, with a mustache.
19. He was bearded and the dark brown hair of his whiskers and mustache outlined the thickness and pinkness of his lips.
20. He wore a tweed jacket over a dark blue turtle-necked jersey and he had a robust mod mustache.
21. His eyes were ice-blue, his hair soft and tousled brown, his mustache immaculately trimmed.
22. He's six feet tall, with blonde hair and a mustache.
23. His hair was dark brown and he was struggling to grow a mustache that only made him look like a fugitive.
24. In the rearview mirror, I could see him scratching at his mustache with the corner of my business card.
25. He has thick black eyebrows, dark brown eyes, whitening sideburns and a pencil-thin mustache.
26. Raymo was at the fold-out table, a thickset man with a wide mustache.
27. She had a ferocious hedge of hair on her upper lip, practically a mustache.
28. He is 61, with white hair and a droopy mustache.
29. The 1, 200 boxes include everything from chunks of concrete he fetched from the street to trimmings from his own mustache.
30. He was lanky, pale and serious, with dark, bushy sideburns and a handsome Che Guevara mustache.
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