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Multistage in a sentence

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Sentence count:94Posted:2017-09-14Updated:2017-09-14
Similar words: multistoreymulticulturalmulticulturalismmultimultiplemultiformmultitaskmultiplyMeaning: ['mʌltɪsteɪdʒ]  n. occurring in more than one stage. 
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1. There existed multiple unconformities owing to multistage structural activities.
2. A multistage operation improves the thermal efficiency.
3. Horizontal type, multistage single suction impeller.
4. Group decision -making is a multistage sequential process.
5. Tumorigenesis is a multistep, multistage process involving multiple genes.
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6. A multistage rocket projects missiles into space.
7. The study on structure of critically safe multistage mixer-settler for the extraction process of high enriched uranium and plutonium has been completed.
8. It puts forwards the generalized multistage work center, puts it into the cost control and presents the cost control mode based generalized work center.
9. Multistage sampling in forest inventory is not restricted to fixed - area sampling units.
10. This paper describe tasks allocation in Multistage Interconnection Network(MIN). Internal conflicts and External partition are the main bottlenecks in MIN.
11. The principle and characteristic of continuous multistage fractional crystallization process are introduced.
12. The AD9200 uses a multistage differential pipeline architecture at 20 MSPS data rates and guarantees no missing codes over the full operating temperature range.
13. Anaerobic sludge granulation process is a multistage process that is decided by many factors such as operational condition, substrate and so on.
14. Methods With cluster multistage sampling, 3 221 college students from 5 universities in Jiangsu Province were interviewed by use of questionnaire.
15. The physical model of multistage depressed collectors is discussed roundly.
16. Methods Multistage sampling and stratified sampling were used and information was gathered by interview with questionnaires.
17. The structure and properties of the fiber during multistage drawing were measured by double refraction , DSC and mechanical test.
18. The coefficient optimization for the multistage sampling rate conversion is also presented.
19. Hydrostatic bearing can solve the equilibrium problem of axial force of multistage centrifugal pump satisfactorily.
20. A method of estimating Direction Arrival ( DOA ) based on Multistage Weiner Filtering ( MSWF ) is proposed.
21. This paper introduced the knowledge based system framework of multistage cold extrusion process planning.
22. Efficiency and backflow current are the two most important criteria of multistage depressed collector.
23. To observe CP -violating neutrino oscillations will be a multistage process.
24. Methods A questionnaire was conducted among target population by multistage sampling.
25. The invention relates to an erasable two-photon polarized multivariate, multistage and multilayer optical storage technology based on a bisazo benzene polymer.
26. The mixed group shuffle exchange (MGSE) network is a new kind of multistage interconnection networks used in the experimental distributed computer system THUDS.
27. Hematopoiesis is one of the most important highly regulated multistage process, which includes orderly turn-on and turn-off of many genes; any wrong modulation may result in blood diseases.
28. As other malignancies, the development and progression of pancreatic carcinoma is a multistage process that involves a series of genetic alterations.
29. In this paper, based on the DOA algorithm and the parallel multistage constant modulus (CM) array, an algorithm for cochannel signal recovery is presented.
30. A programmable decimation and interpolation ratio module onnected with multistage cascade integrator comb (CIC) filter is designed to implement high efficient decimator and interpolator.
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