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Multiplicity in a sentence

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Sentence count:91Posted:2017-07-17Updated:2017-07-17
Similar words: multiplicationmultipliermultipliedmultiplemultiplymultiplexmultiplyingmultiple sclerosisMeaning: [‚mʌltɪ'plɪsətɪ]  n. 1. the property of being multiple 2. a large number. 
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1. There is a multiplicity of fashion magazines to choose from.
2. This situation can be influenced by a multiplicity of different factors.
3. His eyes looked at you with multiplicity of purpose.
4. This would avoid multiplicity of offences.
5. Humans give names to the multiplicity of existing things in accordance with the rules which govern those things.
6. Review the multiplicity of language-games in the following examples, and in others: Giving orders, and obeying them.
7. We made visible to ourselves the complex, multiplicity of our identities.
8. The multiplicity of terms in current use - patient, consumer, customer - imply quite different models.
9. It involves a multiplicity of provision, the necessity of cooperation, the discipline of organization and the welcoming of para-professional skills.
10. Is it realistic to talk of a multiplicity of body plans in the Cambrian, far exceeding that of the present day?
11. His climbing record lists a multiplicity of outstanding ascents from around the world.
12. He is not allowing for the multiplicity of meaning to be found throughout the world.
12. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
13. Because of the possible multiplicity of targets for change, it is deceptive to consider this process problem- solving.
14. There is a great tolerance towards a multiplicity of paradigms, provided those paradigms never challenge the mainstream in any serious way.
15. Mr James says the yardstick was the multiplicity of houses in full running order.
16. Most of our congregations contain a multiplicity of people who react differently to different kinds of musical expression.
17. Is it not clear that the multiplicity of often overlapping self-regulating authorities are not adequately protecting the national interest?
18. Out of the multiplicity of factors influencing the development of the personality of the black child the following are the major influences.
19. Players stood signing autographs; the usual multiplicity of children's games in the outfield started up immediately.
20. It is an organic unity with a multiplicity of parts.
21. Two isn't multiplicity and Castelfonte never was in running order, and now they were living in hotels.
22. Usually such organisations are built up of a multiplicity of smaller gangs.
23. This machine can perform multiplicity of tasks.
24. It too is filled with inscriptions, with banners and with a multiplicity of framed thank-offerings.
25. Voices were hushed, reverential, as though the gathering were inside a cathedral, only their multiplicity giving them an overall loudness.
26. Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things. Isaac Newton 
27. A monistic starting point for the cosmos requires an explanation to account for the variety and multiplicity in the cosmos.
28. Linguistically, it is a signifier with no referent and a multiplicity of significations.
29. To a very recently bereaved family who are struggling with a multiplicity of emotions this early attention to fees can seem mercenary.
30. Each researcher must make a personal choice, in the multiplicity of circumstances which now exist.
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