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Moulting in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-07-14Updated:2017-07-14
Similar words: exultingresultinginsultingexultinglyconsultingmoultpoulticemanagement consultingMeaning: [məʊlt]  n. periodic shedding of the cuticle in arthropods or the outer skin in reptiles. 
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1. Finches start to moult at around twelve weeks of age.
2. No, he had been moulting, like a bird.
3. In autumn the elephant seals haul out to moult.
4. As they grow they moult several times.
5. You can not but feel that Aisling O'Sullivan, moulting magnificently like a sick eagle, is having a high old time.
6. By August the male will have begun to moult and will become almost indistinguishable from the female.
7. The dragonfly nymphs may take up to 2 years before they moult into the adult form.
8. Possibly they are birds which have failed to breed successfully and have assembled here to moult.
9. The larva moults to give rise to the four-legged nymph, which, after five more days, becomes the adult mite.
10. They grow by a series of moults but never pass through a pupal stage or undergo transformation.
11. The external changes during growth are comparatively slight and consist mainly of an increase in size at each moult.
12. Her tameness drops away like a spring moult, and her primitive survival instincts supplant everything else.
13. There they stay for about a fortnight until they have completed their first moult and can fend for themselves.
14. One day she carried a tall moulting sunflower into the Staff Room.
15. As the time for the moult approaches, the animal absorbs much of the calcium carbonate from its shell into its blood.
16. Periodically, they moult their thin transparent skins, changing shape as they do so.
17. The birds are all moulting consequently in a bad state being our excuse, so have killed many other things.
18. With each successive moult the current crop of fungal parasites is shed along with the old exoskeleton.
19. Looks like a worn and moulting Arctic Warbler.
20. Our moulting season, like that of the fowls [], must be a crisis in our lives.
21. Moulting usually takes place in the protected moist environment of their burrows.
22. After marching over one or two barriers the hoppers absorb enough product to die while moulting.
23. In the late autumn period, it may be more difficult to rule out late- moulting Vega Gulls if we are to use "white heads" as our main method of separating the two.
24. This fear was not groundless for he himself had really seen it happen to other moulting crabs.
25. For the those of you who don't know about the moulting, shitting, barking, licking, drooling beast that's staying at my house for two weeks, you can learn more about her here .
26. More horses and suddenly we are in the middle of a herd of camels with moulting coats.
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