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Metabolism in a sentence

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Synonym: metabolic processmetamorphosismetastasisSimilar words: abolishsymbolismabolitionismdiabolicabolitionget aboutdiabolicalset aboutMeaning: [mɪ'tæbəlɪzm]  n. 1. the marked and rapid transformation of a larva into an adult that occurs in some animals 2. the organic processes (in a cell or organism) that are necessary for life. 
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1. This drug speeds up your metabolism.
2. The body's metabolism is slowed down by extreme cold.
3. Their rate of metabolism may slow down.
4. Exercise is supposed to speed up your metabolism.
5. Running works wonders for the metabolism.
6. After years of dieting(sentencedict .com), Carol's metabolism was completely out of whack.
7. The vast majority of alcohol metabolism occurs in the liver.
8. Hepatocellular metabolism, including conjugation, is reduced in hypothermia.
9. Studies of homoeopathic remedies in relation to prostaglandin metabolism may therefore yield interesting and fruitful results.
10. Presumably the metabolism of brain cells is disrupted and some cells die.
11. As knowledge of basic platelet metabolism increases it will be more easy to identify platelet abnormalities and their pathogenesis in diabetes mellitus.
12. Some of the reported difference in rates of metabolism could relate to the severity of the underlying colitis.
13. There are many enzymes involved in the metabolism of glycogen.
14. And might add thoughtfully, if excretion depends upon metabolism in the liver, I wonder what's happening there.
15. After about age 30, your metabolism slows down and you start to gain weight.
16. This process can speed up metabolism when digestion products are absorbed into the bloodstream.
17. These include a disturbance of oestrogen metabolism and a fault in oestrogen feedback to the hypothalamus.
18. The accumulation of lactate in the blood results from any mechanism that produces oxygen deprivation of tissues and thereby anaerobic metabolism.
19. I sneaked a look at my medical report; slow heartbeat, low metabolism.
20. We should always consume sufficient calories to keep the metabolism buoyant.
21. The apoprotein components of the lipoproteins are also demonstrated in view of the recent realisation of their importance in lipid metabolism.
22. In addition, improved therapeutic agents with more specific and controlled effects on platelet metabolism may be developed allowing more effective intervention.
23. Many polar species have clearly originated in this way by adaptations of metabolism, form and lifestyle.
24. Additionally, carbon dioxide is produced as a result of continued metabolism.
25. This hypothesis deserves further study as platelet activating factor metabolism in the stomach lumen is unknown.
26. Although its therapeutic use is limited by its effects on calcium metabolism, analogues such as calcipotriol produce little hypercalcaemia.
27. N-acetyl-5ASA is the major metabolite of 5ASA and the primary site of metabolism is probably the colonic mucosa.
28. One of these binding proteins, IGFBP-1, is of particular interest because of its known relationship to metabolism.
29. In addition, they extend the observations from whole body studies of protein metabolism that have been previously reported.
30. The hypothesis that paradoxical pain is caused by abnormal metabolism of morphine is plausible but built on shaky foundations.
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