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Luftwaffe in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-03-19Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: softwaregaffeaffectaffectedaffectionaffectationdisaffectedaffectionateMeaning: n. the German airforce. 
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1. There is no mention of U-boats or the Luftwaffe.
2. Two Luftwaffe officers in blue leather coats were standing beside it.
3. We dumped all the junk the Luftwaffe keeps stuffing into these poor beasts.
4. As it lifted from the Luftwaffe fighter base outside Berlin, Schellenberg undid his seat belt and reached for his briefcase.
5. All the Luftwaffe crews who've ended up in Ireland have been put in prison camps.
6. The first is that Luftwaffe defences became better, too, and that caused a high price to be paid in terms of casualties.
7. Luftwaffe ground forces are light combat troops also capable of constructing simple defenses and AA weapons.
8. The last game was against a Luftwaffe teamwhich lost to Dynamo 5 - 2 .
9. The Germans kept claiming that Luftwaffe was attacking only military targets.
10. New, long-range fighters could now destroy German Luftwaffe planes on the ground, making the skies even safer for the Allies.
11. Among them were Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering, Hitler's former deputy Rudolf Hess, Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher and former Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoess, among others.
12. It's used as a landing strip for emergencies only by the Luftwaffe.
13. Last year we were reminded of those epic days when Fighter Command denied the Luftwaffe air superiority in the skies over Britain.
14. Joyce was informing his listeners of a massive air strike by Luftwaffe bombers against the Kent coast.
15. Its glory days came when Spitfire and Hurricane pilots scrambled to defeat Hitler's Luftwaffe despite overwhelming odds.
16. It shows a steely-eyed fighter pilot climbing into his Spitfire to do battle against the Luftwaffe.
17. Walter Horten was a military man who had lost hundreds of Luftwaffe colleagues during the Battle of Britain in 1940.
18. Not only are they North American interlopers , there is also a persistent story that they were introduced to provide hunting pleasure for Marshal Hermann Goering,[] the head of Adolf Hitler's Luftwaffe.
19. The 9th AAF's fighters, P-47 Thunderbolts and P-51 Mustangs, roared and dived at German strong points unhindered by Luftwaffe [German Air Force] interference.
20. Arthur was sent to Germany where he was trained in advanced fighter tactics by the German Luftwaffe at its Fighter School at Bie Munich .
21. Big Ben, which is operated by the Palace of Westminster, survived attacks by German Luftwaffe bombers during World War II, continuing to mark the time to within 1 1/2 seconds of Greenwich Mean Time.
22. This was just an absurd excuse for the failures of the Luftwaffe in the east.
23. He had been made the scapegoat for all the failures of the Luftwaffe.
24. The radio was full of news of freighters on the Atlantic being sunk by U-boats, and crackly transmissions from Edward R. Murrow reported on London under siege by the Luftwaffe.
25. The circular BMW logo was a representation of the spinning propeller of a Bavarian Luftwaffe.
26. It was only awarded 28 times, with the majority going to Luftwaffe pilots.
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