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Macaw in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-03-17Updated:2017-03-17
Similar words: macabrevacantvacancyfacadevacatemaceplacateacademyMeaning: [mə'kɔː] n. long-tailed brilliantly colored parrot of Central America and South America; among the largest and showiest of parrots. 
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1. A macaw screeched at him from its perch.
2. The Scarlet Macaw is in imminent danger of extinction.
3. Parrots and macaws grab them with their beaks.
4. We count monkeys in the trees and macaws at their clay licks where they congregate in their hundreds.
5. For the Spix's macaw this process reached its inevitable terminus with just a single individual left in the wild.
6. Gallery: Tropical Forest Wildlife A scarlet macaw is caught munching a snack in Brazil's Amazon forest.
7. He now believes he's the last rare macaw on earth.
8. A scarlet macaw is caught munching a snack in Brazil's Amazon rain forest. These birds are best known for their loud cackles, four-toed feet, and brilliant plumage.
9. In her neat black 13)turban hat was the gold-green wing of a 14)macaw.
10. Some breeders in America have crossed various macaw species, where the most popular is blue and gold mated to scarlet, with the resultant youngsters called catalina macaws .
11. "A macaw! " she cries softly to herself, reaching.
12. Rare macaw is a very special bird. In fact Blu is the last male of his kind.
13. This scarlet macaw is found in the subtropical rainforests of Central and South America.
14. The last blue macaw on earth. He is a worth of fortune.
15. The macaw parrots are attracted to colors, so offer a variety of colors and textures in their food.
16. The only other blue macaw is in Rio de Janeiro.
17. The eye of a blue macaw is surrounded by a featherless golden rim.
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18. Suddenly smugglers arrive, and take the macaw to a snow-covered town in Minnesota, US.
19. On the other hand, a macaw requires considerably more environment than an Amazon.
20. Blu is a domesticated macaw from the jungles of South America.
21. Young of many animals are kept as pets, notably macaws and other birds including chickens.
22. This theme has a background picture of a blue and gold Macaw.
23. And she went to her desk at once and hung the black turban hat with the gold-green macaw wing in its accustomed place.
24. The city rose to prominence under Pakal, a club-footed king who reigned from 615 to 683 AD, represented by hieroglyphs of sun and shield, he is also referred to as Sun Shield or White Macaw.
25. In her neat black turban hat was the gold-green wing of a macaw.
26. From the plebeian pigeon to the rarest bird of all. The Spix's macaw, or the little blue macaw, may be the most endangered bird in the world.
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