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Prosaic in a sentence

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Synonym: commonplaceearthboundhumdrummatter-of-factpedestrianprosyunglamorousunglamourousSimilar words: proposalproseprosperprospectprosperousprosperityproscribeprostrateMeaning: [prəʊ'zeɪɪk]  adj. 1. not fanciful or imaginative 2. lacking wit or imagination 3. not challenging; dull and lacking excitement. 
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1. His instructor offered a more prosaic explanation for the surge in interest.
2. The reality, however, is probably more prosaic.
3. My diary entries are filled with prosaic happenings.
4. Real danger is prosaic in comparison.
5. The truth itself was only slightly more prosaic.
6. The present-day ambience was slightly more prosaic.
7. The truth was a little more prosaic.
8. The furniture is prosaic and modern.
9. Even something as prosaic as a roast chicken Jasper could transform into something nearly lyrical.
10. The prosaic sight of monks going about their everyday business, just when she needed them, was irresistible.
11. Bloomwater's present owner was a more prosaic figure, Sir Lionel Newman, the paper magnate.
12. Must we find all work prosaic because our grandfather built an early synagogue?
13. Reports are commonly prosaic, dull, pompous and patronising and written with selfish disregard for the reader.
14. For the prosaic Flask, the doubloon stands only for so many cigars that he could buy.
15. Metamorphosen is comparatively prosaic and suffers from a slightly top-heavy balance which gives undue prominence to the leader.
15. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
16. If the masses were too preoccupied by prosaic day-to-day concerns, the revolutionaries would take matters into their own hands.
17. Why in the world would anyone commemorate such prosaic scenes?
18. China also has more prosaic reasons for encouraging trade.
19. If only she'd been called 'Camilla' or 'Flavia' instead of the prosaic 'Jane'.
20. He asked if I'd got my black eye in a fight - I told him the prosaic truth that I'd banged my head on a door.
21. I will be profoundly relieved when I can escape from the prosaic explanations and defences of this present sprawling mess of words.
22. Both Barham and Summers lifted their performances, and thenceforward what had been prosaic developed a much higher voltage.
23. He is so absurd that he adds a note of humor to an otherwise dry, tedious, prosaic play.
24. Despite the drama of government shutdowns and talk of political revolution, the 1996 presidential campaign appears headed down a prosaic path.
25. The reality has turned out to be somewhat more prosaic.
26. This strong, confident youth takes command as an almost prosaic hero.
27. My interest in the Valle/1e de Mai was somewhat more prosaic.
28. The office at Felixstowe seemed a very dull and prosaic place after those hectic nine months.
29. Thirty yards ahead, an innocent rural road junction presented its prosaic features for inspection.
30. Nowadays evaluation has a tendency to be much more structured and less prosaic.
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